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Synonyms for pertness

Synonyms for pertness

inappropriate playfulness

quality of being lively and confident

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Without in any way distorting its style, the SAB youngsters shifted the ballet's emphasis from its earlier Franco-American pertness to an American ingenuousness.
The newest addition to the list is "relaxed", which describes bosoms that have lost their pertness.
Tanned bucks in Speedos lollop-strut and needle eye for what is basking; a riot of pertness ready for giggling rut, oiled gold and shiny for the asking.
Teachers who are familiar and jokey with pupils encourage, at best, pertness and, at worst, insolence and disruption.
The curves, the pertness, the implicit power: as butts go, it's a belter.
Landround runs voucher promotions for hotels and holidays in conjunction with high street products and services like Surf and Pertness.
(Not for nothing does Winnie talk openly about her breasts.) But what really matters is how Kendal is here able to put her customary pertness to invaluable use.
"The three criteria are roundness, pertness and sheer weight.
And who's to say that Jarvis - which pulled back on its involvement in PFI after a little spot of bother on the railways - can't be tempted back for one more scheme to maintain my buttocks' current state of pertness into my forties.
Not the young Felicity Kendal character, who dresses in potato sacks and gets very muddy, while remaining in full control of her pertness.
Kendal's unerring pertness has long been one of the wonders of the West End stage, and she's not about to sacrifice that quality, even when inhabiting a role that demands she go for the kill.
As it was at his request - to ascertain its pertness - and I was raised to always be polite to multi-millionaire actors/rap stars, I duly copped a feel.