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Synonyms for pertness

Synonyms for pertness

inappropriate playfulness

quality of being lively and confident

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15) This positive psycho-spiritual demeanour is contrasted with that of those who would walk with pertness (marahan) in the land, (16) in haughtiness and wanton abandon, as if they own the earth, indifferent to any sense of self-restraint or accountability to the Creator, the True Owner of all.
THESE tablets promise increased volume and pertness.
I watched with fascinated surprise the normally pleasant angle of my nose tilt in the mirror to a conspicuous pertness.
until we decided to have a nightcap in an establishment we stumbled across two doors down from our accommodation that seemed a bit expensive when we walked in, but -- what the hell -- it's a stag night; and, then, there were some very tastefully naked young ladies, a prohibitive bar bill, and a stag snoringly oblivious to the pounds 30 worth of pertness I had stumped up to commemorate the last throes of his freedom.
By then I had my two kids - Conor, nine, and Calum, three - and my breasts had lost a lot of their pertness since breastfeeding.
After two kids, Samuel, 10, and Mia, two, they had lost whatever pertness they ever had.
The three criteria for great boobs are roundness, pertness and weight,' she said.
But she also has obviously spent a lot of time reading mysteries and detective stories (judging, at least initially, from her pertness, she must have loved the ``Nancy Drew'' series), and she's determined to help Rita find her identity.
writes States (2000); "Depending on where you choose to stand on the scales of sameness and difference and pertness [sic] and wholeness, you could as well argue that there is no such thing as tautology or that the whole world itself is a tautology .
Without in any way distorting its style, the SAB youngsters shifted the ballet's emphasis from its earlier Franco-American pertness to an American ingenuousness.