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the power to induce the taking of a course of action or the embracing of a point of view by means of argument or entreaty

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Even now the organization is reaping some of the benefits of his persuasiveness and his integrity and his tremendous commitment to the cause of church-state separation."
Although OCC was "entitled to some deference" under the GLBA, he found the GLBA "does not provide guidance as to what level of deference is appropriate" and determined OCC's interpretations were entitled to respect to the extent they met the standard for persuasiveness outlined by the Supreme Court in Skidmore v.
And they offer voters the opportunity to compare the candidates' articulateness, knowledge of issues, personality and persuasiveness.
Consideration will be given to the intellectual content of the article, the persuasiveness of the language used and the type of publication it appears in.
She says that while people initially joined the organization due to Khan's charisma and persuasiveness, later on it was due to the excitement of becoming part of something larger than themselves.
The logic and persuasiveness of the argument is compelling.
On the basis of these books, unless something causes a resurgence of interest in grand narratives, it looks as if the twenty-first century will be devoted to developing an ethics and an epistemology of limited range and persuasiveness .
To make its point as simply as possible to the media--and through the media to the public--the Feminist Majority, led by longtime feminist leader Eleanor Smeal, makes some unlikely assumptions (the persuasiveness of its main pro-choice message aside).
Recognizing the pervasiveness and persuasiveness of media in our lives, these materials guide teachers in teaching nine- through twelve-year-olds how to see through what media creators would like them to believe.
However, intelligence commonly requires substantial redaction to protect sources and capabilities, which can seriously compromise its persuasiveness. Thus, intelligence is unlikely to be a useful source of information for the executive council, except under unusual circumstances.
Moderators talked about emphasizing local connections, putting a human face on arguments, leavening editorials with humor, and finding other ways to increase impact and persuasiveness.
Such is the persuasiveness of Mervyn Jones's presentation of George Meredith as a modern novelist and poet astonishingly ahead of his time, that one may speculate on the societies he would have joined today and the movements he would have embraced.
He documents with precision and persuasiveness the largely unilateral flow of British converts to Islam -- mostly enslaved Britons, but also sailors and travelers -- some of whom returned to Britain and perhaps remained crypto-Muslims.
The section on Pascal is a lost opportunity and could have been more fruitfully developed, especially in the context of Pascal's awareness of the dangers of the apologist's persuasiveness at the level of reason or reasonableness and on the non-transmissibility of faith from author to reader.
The author's ubiquitous voice, alert pace of argumentation, subtle humor and irony enhance his persuasiveness.