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Synonyms for persuasive

Synonyms for persuasive

serving to convince

Antonyms for persuasive

intended or having the power to induce action or belief

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Bar, with his little insinuating jury droop, and fingering his persuasive double eye-glass, hoped he might be excused if he mentioned to one of the greatest converters of the root of all evil into the root of all good, who had for a long time reflected a shining lustre on the annals even of our commercial country--if he mentioned, disinterestedly, and as, what we lawyers called in our pedantic way, amicus curiae, a fact that had come by accident within his knowledge.
Mr Merdle again expressed himself as wholly devoted to that object of his constant consideration, and Bar took his persuasive eye- glass up the grand staircase.
Not to intrude on the sacred mysteries of medicine, he took it, now (with the jury droop and persuasive eye-glass), that this was Merdle's case?
Lady Lydiard (who had only consented to the search under stress of persuasive argument from Mr.
There was no help near if we called, and the Herculeses who dragged us had a way of asking sweetly and flatteringly for bucksheesh, which was seductive, and of looking fierce and threatening to throw us down the precipice, which was persuasive and convincing.
The persuasive powers of this illiterate savage were remarkable.
It cleared her countenance and brought back her smiles and all her persuasive graces and blandishments; but never- theless she was not able to entirely cover up with them the fact that she was in a ghastly fright.
Be persuasive; don't fret her; tell her it's all right, the matter is in my hands, but it isn't good form to hurry so grave a matter as this.
Goodwin had lately moved to North Edgewood and had never before met the urbane and persuasive Mr.
The leaders of the mercenaries received a donation in gold; an argument the most persuasive to their minds, and without which all others would have proved in vain.
At once all assailed Quiteria and pressed her, some with prayers, and others with tears, and others with persuasive arguments, to give her hand to poor Basilio; but she, harder than marble and more unmoved than any statue, seemed unable or unwilling to utter a word, nor would she have given any reply had not the priest bade her decide quickly what she meant to do, as Basilio now had his soul at his teeth, and there was no time for hesitation.
Each State, yielding to the persuasive voice of immediate interest or convenience, has successively withdrawn its support, till the frail and tottering edifice seems ready to fall upon our heads, and to crush us beneath its ruins.
TABLE 1 Persuasive Essay Quality Scores of Experimental and Control Groups Measure Experimental Control Students (N = 26) Students (N = 26) M SD M SD Thesis Score Average writers 2.69 * (.70) 2.07 (.83) Struggling writers 2.90 * (.32) 2.33 (.78) Combined groups 2.77 (.59) 2.19 (80) Support Paragraph Score Average writers 5.75 * (.58) 5.00 (1.36) Struggling writers 5.50 * (.85) 2.75 (2.14) Combined groups 5.65 (.69) 3.96 (2.07) Conclusion Score Average writers 1.94 * (.25) 1.36 (.75) Struggling writers 1.60 * (.70) .75 (.96) Combined groups 1.81 (.49) 1.08 (89) Organization Score Average writers 1.94 * (.25) 1.71 (.47) Struggling writers 1.90 * (.32) 1.42 (.52) Combined groups 1.92 (.27) 1.58 (.50) * Significant at .05 level.
Persuasive Copywriting: Using Psychology to Influence, Engage and Sell goes a step beyond most discussions of copywriting to focus on how such writing sells product, and considers how writing connects to psychological response on the reader's part.
Andy Maslen; PERSUASIVE COPYWRITING; Kogan Page (Nonfiction: Business & Economics) 24.95 ISBN: 9780749473990