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being susceptible to persuasion

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Self-confidence and persuasibility in women: a partial replication and extensions 11(1)1975 p.
Personality and Persuasibility, New Haven, Yale University Press.
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Cross-sex context as a factor in persuasibility sex differences.
Persons with greater social avoidance/distress/anxiety may be more persuadable or more conforming (having developed such a coping mode as a means of anxiety reduction) than persons with lower SAD scores and this persuasibility or conformity may extend beyond the social realm to the psi realm.
In support of her argument, Eagly observed that among the 54 studies she reviewed, nearly all reports of greater persuasibility for women were published before 1970.
Since the earlier research on sex and persuasibility by Janis and Field (1959), and dozens of studies up through the early '70s, significant attitudinal differences were found between men and women (Bird, 1940; Scheidel, 1963; Secord and Backman, 1964; Freedman, Carlsmith, and Sears, 1970; Aronson, 1972; Worchel and Cooper, 1976; Eagly, 1978, 1987).
After the publication of Hovland and Janis's Personality and Persuasibility (1959), in order to advance theory about the influence of individual differences of the audience on attitude change, many researchers turned their attention to how personality traits relate to persuasion.
A review of this literature reveals inconsistent findings on the relationship between self-esteem and persuasibility.
Contrary to the findings that support a negative relationship, in 1955, McGuire and Ryan found a positive relationship between the variables of self-esteem and persuasibility (as cited in McGuire, 1999).