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someone who tries to persuade or induce or lead on

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Thus, the agency re-interpreted this ambiguity in the statute in light of its awareness that anti-union campaigns were increasingly relying on indirect persuader activity, and that transparency is a central goal of the statute because Congress viewed transparency as essential 'to protect employee rights to organize, choose their own representatives, [and] bargain collectively,'" Layton wrote.
Persuaders, although he claims exile in 1978, said: "We had a lot of fun and The Persuaders was Moore, who became a tax exile in 1978, said: "We had a lot of fun and The Persuaders was great fun to do.
Section 4 will explain the meanings and functions of modals, and carry out a quantitative analysis of the modals which are used by the persuader and the persuadee as strategies.
The Persuaders debuted on British television in September 1971 and recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.
Send your answers to Jon's Persuaders Contest, Po Box 4018, E14 5BL or email it to tvcomp2@people.
Poets and Persuaders often convey truths, even important philosophical truths, and they sometimes want to inspire or shock their audience into revising their beliefs.
By virtue of their breadth of association, this analysis suggests that connectors have been exposed to a greater number and variety of arguments in a given domain, and predicts that persuaders have developed a wider repertoire of persuasive messages and tactics so that they can adapt their arguments to a variety of audiences.
People of our generation grew up watching The Persuaders religiously.
In a 2003 Fortune article entitled, "The Persuaders," political insider Birnbaum relates how the firms can act as advocates or executioners of legislation by planting boosters in the audiences of key congressmens' town hall meetings to create the appearance of broad-based support for an issue.
James Downer, Ventura Country farm adviser, writes a fascinating article titled ``Snake Oil, Horticultural Myths, Horticultural Urban Legends and Persuaders in Our Industry.
Lawyers are supposed to be communicators and persuaders, yet many are incapable of making their case understandable to a lay jury (perhaps because they don't understand it all that well themselves).
This interdisciplinary study draws upon history, literature, speech, religion, education, sociology, and psychology; essentially, however, it is an intellectual history of oral and written persuasion, with the central persuaders in this story being Lyman Beecher, William Ellery Channing, Catherine Beecher, Elizabeth Peabody, Sarah Josepha Hale, Catherine Sedgwick, Bronson Alcott, Horace Mann, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry Ward Beecher, Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Louisa May Alcott--together with Charles Chauncy, Jonathan Edwards, James Freeman, Joseph Buckmaster, Timothy Dwight, and Jedediah Morse in the opening background chapter on the period from the Great Awakening through the post-Revolutionary era.
Musicians can become their own verbal persuaders by attending closely to the kind of verbal support that is most meaningful to them and using it to create an encouraging and helpful inner dialogue for anxiety management.
Artillery major, with one of the massive eight-inch Persuaders, insisted on passing through our forward area to somewhere several kilometers in front of us.