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someone who tries to persuade or induce or lead on

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3, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- The Detroit Auto Dealers Association (DADA) Education Foundation reminds students that the deadline for entry into the Courageous Persuaders video competition is almost here.
What strategies, modals in particular, does the persuader employ so as to achieve the goal of persuasion?
The Persuaders debuted on British television in September 1971 and recently celebrated its 40th anniversary.
To mark the 40th anniversary of The Persuaders - an HD restoration of all 24 episodes for a BluRay edition is available to buy now.
The irony is, however, that for Aristotle as for Plato, it seems that the phronimos must have the abilities and skills of the best of Persuaders.
Sir Roger Moore, who starred alongside Curtis in TV hit The Persuaders, said: "He was a fine actor.
The "Eating Show" reviewed changes in advertising high sugar cereals to children, the HFCS controversy; changes at the FDA; changes in the way that restaurants are displaying the number of calories and trans fats in the sandwiches, sides, and dressings; and new research about the 21st version of Hidden Persuaders, the packaging and practices that food marketers use to sell unhealthy foods.
They have had their first taste of real pressure this past week, with the persuaders at the British Olympic Committee declaring that the four home nations combining wouldn't affect their individual futures because Sepp Blatter has given his word.
CULT TV show The Persuaders is set to get a big-screen makeover, starring George Clooney and Hugh Grant.
Some relied on the American Medical Association or other groups to do their bidding; some had public affairs directors who did the job, and some hired on an as-needed basis "paid persuaders," D.
James Downer, Ventura Country farm adviser, writes a fascinating article titled ``Snake Oil, Horticultural Myths, Horticultural Urban Legends and Persuaders in Our Industry.
Lawyers are supposed to be communicators and persuaders, yet many are incapable of making their case understandable to a lay jury (perhaps because they don't understand it all that well themselves).
DO you know your Marple from your Morse and your Persuaders from your Poirot?