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being susceptible to persuasion

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Voters who'd been randomly selected from a group identified as persuadable were polled after a phone conversation that began with a volunteer reading from a script.
Results from our 2009 national poll tell us that a solid research finding has the capacity to shift public support for charter schools from 39 to 53 percent, a substantial increase (see "The Persuadable Public," features, page 20).
But some people are easily persuadable and will follow instructions, whether it is their wife or a computer telling them where to go.
I always found the Master very persuadable in this respect and in the bar of the Percy Arms.
We remain to be convinced, but if Mr Morgan's compromise comes with suitable guarantees about primary powers by 2011 we are persuadable.
This has meant resiling from positions that might alienate persuadable interests.
Before I tackle those questions, though, let's savor the possibilities: We can seize the terms of the debate, tell our diverse stories, engage the nongay persuadable public, enlist allies, work the courts and the legislatures in several states, and achieve a legal breakthrough within five years.
The national argument over guns and terrorism offers the clearest evidence yet that both parties have mostly abandoned the belief that a large pool of persuadable voters still exists.
In chronicling the Democratic Party's decades-long neglect of what she insists are millions of politically persuadable evangelicals and Catholics, Sullivan dangles the tantalizing prospect of a resounding Democratic victory in this year's presidential and congressional races, one that would recapture a pivotal slice of the religious vote.
Once gay groups and leaders got their act together, stopped resisting the marriage moment, and figured out how to get out there and talk to the nongay persuadable public, it turned out that the public was listening and reachable.
Read "The Persuadable Public: Changing Minds about School Reform" and view the results of the 2009 Education Next-PEPG Survey of Public Opinion online at www.
She is the co-author of The Persuadable Voter and The Hard Count and has published widely on the topics of American political behavior, campaigns and elections, and survey research.
Sometimes, the giants were willing conscripts or persuadable mercenaries.
The racist's sister Stella said: "All the women in his life are the same - small, naive and persuadable.