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producing or covered with sweat

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Additional tips include not drinking iced or cold water, and avoiding direct air conditioning when they are perspiring.
It settled on their caps and jackets, clung to their perspiring faces, and made them appear as if they had been dipped in a fine, grey powder.
Having trouble with perspiring armpits while riding the train or jeepney during the rush hour?
She said: "It needs to be that your face is red and you're perspiring gently, you're almost out of breath and almost struggling to talk to the person next to you.
At the very least, one has to admire the Japanese auteur's stamina: Following "Love & Peace," "Shinjuku Swan," "Tag" and "The Whispering Star," this cheerfully gutter-minded supernatural farce is Sono's fifth feature to emerge this year, and it more than compensates for whatever the earlier movies may have lacked in Japanese schoolgirl fetishism, perspiring cleavage, levitating sex toys and slap-you-in-the-face erection gags.
Heat exhaustion: Loss of hydration causes the body to heat up as the body stops perspiring.
Pour yourself a cool drink, position a couple of fans to blow pleasant zephyrs across your perspiring brow and prepare to salute some of the hardiest men and women on earth - the fans attending the World Matchplay darts at Blackpool's Winter Gardens.
Wipe clammy hands first--he recommends Botox injections to stop perspiring in severe cases.
Many older adults experience a decreased ability to sweat, with women particularly likely to have problems perspiring.
Once sweat has been absorbed by the middle layer, the inner hydrophobic layer keeps moisture from returning to the skin to prevent the wearer from becoming chilled, and to prevent the fabric from sticking to the skin even when perspiring heavily.
But all of us are continually perspiring and even if you take deodorant, you keep perspiring.
LOCAL RUN They''re everywhere no matter where You look, On roads and paths, in parks, passing your Window as you cook, Fair wind, or foul, itching oppressive heat They rumble along, Heart pounding, perspiring, heading out to Nowhere, and back - road long, The designer clan, in pairs, his and hers Looking to catch the eye, The more senior, trying to keep fit, and Diminish the paunch they try, Joggers trundling the pavements, mind Elsewhere, no time to talk Beware pedestrians as they bear down On you as you walk, A breed apart, exercise and fitness, leaner, Sweating off the pounds, To be admired?
The body naturally responds to rising temperatures by dilating blood vessels in the skin, which draws heat from inside the body to the skin's surface, and by perspiring more, which cools us as that sweat evaporates.
He was perspiring and vomited in the doctor's waiting room.