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in a clear and lucid manner

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At play in this reintroduction of a Middle High German courtly verse narrative as the recovered national epic, emerging from the depth of the German people, is also the premise of expressivity--that is, the notion that the distinctiveness of national cultures shines forth most perspicuously in their literary artifacts.
This book is an impressive, synthetic study of a pivotal juncture between the crises of the annee terrible and the esprit fumiste of the fin de siecle period for which Saint-Amand perspicuously locates an important precursor in the Cercle zutique of 1871 (Hydropaths, Decadents, etc.
Martin Luther perspicuously captures those themes in his contrast between the formulation of a theologian of the cross and that of a theologian of glory.
The nineteenth poem included in A Woman Sold and Other Poems, Webster's "Too Faithful" most perspicuously extends the motif of erotic triangles explored in her earlier works from Dramatic Studies.
Similarly, McKenna holds, when a person performs a morally significant action, we interpret her behavior as revealing something about the quality of her will--or, more perspicuously, as revealing of the regard she has for other people and moral considerations.
And Sarah Dunnigan perspicuously examines the impact of Scottish and Irish fairy- and folktale collections (particularly by Walter Scott and Thomas Crofton Croker) on the Grimm brothers, who then adapted the 'idea of Scotland' into a more comprehensive version of how folk customs forge a legacy in the modern world.
If the doctor hits my knee with a mallet, I do lift my leg--but "force" does not perspicuously describe why.
As Michael Denning perspicuously argued in The Cultural Front, Bulosan's "sentimental education"was not so much a celebration of populist Americanism as an attempt to resolve certain contradictions inherited from his kin-centered feudal-capitalist background into a transitional stage of awareness found in solidarity among multiethnic workers engaged in strikes and political agitation.
David Wootton perspicuously notes that in this method Goodwin was merely a good Wordsworthian.
This distinctively Protestant concordism and its hermeneutical intuitions led all the Protestant churches quite quickly to enshrine the Augustinian reading of Genesis in their confessions, as if it were simply and perspicuously read from Scripture, and not a matter of interpretation and tradition.
The volume is perspicuously written and structured, with essays primarily addressing historiographical methods and approaches framing a substantial core of studies that mainly present readings of English texts circa 1520 to 1670.
90) Well, one might answer, precisely when the developing zygote is not yet perspicuously an individual.
In Shakespeare Among the Moderns, Richard Halpern comments perspicuously on these lines: "Bassanio's reaction to the image verges on idolatry or fetishism.
Since the tragedy of both characters unfolds in front of the viewer quite perspicuously, Macbeth and Michael Corleone--despite their cruelty and dreadful nature--are able to become even amiable in the eyes of the spectator, since they both depict something from the very tragic nature of the human being: they appear as flesh-and-blood, vulnerable characters for whom innocence is simply an impossibility.