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in a clear and lucid manner

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The thermal effect will result in additional vibrations emerging in acceleration of an arbitrary point on the deployable structure, and these vibrations will become larger perspicuously at inflection points of temperature change
(16) More perspicuously, for Moore "the issue is not just whether [Leibniz's] account is true] the issue is also whether his account is all that it affects to be." (17) By "all that it affects to be," Moore means "truthful," (18) which he elucidates by citing David Wiggins's contention that "a world could furnish by the simplest means the greatest possible variety of forms yet be brutally indifferent to all human concerns and moral purposes." (19) Wiggins's idea is that the value of optimal rationality that so characterizes Leibniz's defense of the goodness of the world--balance between fecundity of phenomena and simplicity of means (laws) governing the phenomena--need not, of itself, imply particularly happy or meaningful lives for people.
The visual results from decision tree diagram revealed perspicuously that Nodes 1, 3, 5 and 6 due to the stopping rules of the CHAID algorithm were terminal nodes, respectively.
And in fact observers increasingly recognize that our current cultural struggles are most perspicuously described as a contest between competing religiosities.
The period of time for perspicuously seasonal data is often a year; [M.sub.n] represents the annual maximum value.
Scholars make a reputation by saying something new, and a new insight can be conveyed earlier and more perspicuously in an article devoted to that insight than in a book, because a book will take longer to write and publish, and new insights will be likely to be buried amidst familiar material necessary to bulk out the book to book length.
This book is an impressive, synthetic study of a pivotal juncture between the crises of the annee terrible and the esprit fumiste of the fin de siecle period for which Saint-Amand perspicuously locates an important precursor in the Cercle zutique of 1871 (Hydropaths, Decadents, etc.).
Correspondingly, the era ends once such erasures can themselves be represented in the published fictions: as End Zone closes, a student sees wall-space where he imagines a poster of Wittgenstein used to hang, and in LeMahieu's neat reading, this "perspicuously captures both the pervasiveness of logical positivism's influence and the abruptness of its obsolescence: a once iconic philosophy now reduced to tape remnants" (15).
p53 is perspicuously involved in the development of head and neck adenoid cystic carcinoma.
Martin Luther perspicuously captures those themes in his contrast between the formulation of a theologian of the cross and that of a theologian of glory.
The nineteenth poem included in A Woman Sold and Other Poems, Webster's "Too Faithful" most perspicuously extends the motif of erotic triangles explored in her earlier works from Dramatic Studies.
Similarly, McKenna holds, when a person performs a morally significant action, we interpret her behavior as revealing something about the quality of her will--or, more perspicuously, as revealing of the regard she has for other people and moral considerations.