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(of language) transparently clear

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But what the cases show is that in order to define an interesting notion of indexical predicate, that is, one which takes us beyond what is already very familiar, we shall need to understand "referring expression", and relatedly the notion of"predicate component", as defined through some idea of logical form, and the related idea of some perspicuous improved language, rather than through English grammar.
Lee uses this original conception of a triangle of instabilities to formulate a perspicuous prudential trilemma among minimum deterrence (of nuclear attack only), extended deterrence (of conventional as well as nuclear attack), and counterforce deterrence (modest and ambitious), showing that each of the three fundamental strategic options respectively solves a different one of the three stability problems but fails to deal with either one of the other two.
It is not disgraceful, At least in its nature, this art of perspicuous speaking.
Smith's answer is "Short sentences are generally more perspicuous than long ones as they are more easily comprehended in one view" |1985, 7~.
2) But precisely for this reason, we seem to see here the perspicuous protoform of appropriation and commodification that capitalism will occult.
The faith required to believe in a perspicuous reduction of these predicates (replete as they are with explanatory value) to state specifications which assimilate our own behaviour to that of rats, worms and pigeons is quite beyond me.
Here we have a good work, in the most popular form, the novel -- and this one won a prize in 1955 -- in which appears a people naturally perspicuous, immersed in Buddhism and used from childhood for moral and philosophical considerations.
In the first chapter, the author provides perspicuous introductory comments, while in Chapter 14, the author provides very thoughtful and comprehensive concluding remarks.
Gray expressed his poetic ideal thus: " Extreme conciseness of expression, yet pure, perspicuous, and musical, is one of the grand beauties of lyric poetry.
Thus one purpose of the present paper is to offer a more perspicuous restatement of this argument, one which shows clearly why the responses in question do not work.
Both brothers have been the subject of previous biographies, with Allen enjoying perhaps the most perspicuous by Burton Hersh, a longtime student of the intelligence agencies.
The volume serves to introduce the neophyte to central issues in the philosophy of action, but specialists will also benefit from the perspicuous overview of central issues in the philosophy of action that bring out their interactions and their connections to other intellectual domains.
Why would the editors of an ambitious new art magazine choose an image of crepuscular ambiguity when the occasion seemed to call for perspicuous assertion?
the Saudi King as a wise political figure with a perspicuous view on finding
This would compel us both to make perspicuous the hermeneutic and social contexts implicated in such a claim and to make a genuine and open-minded effort to assess the extent to which such a claim is generally compelling, that is, the extent to which it has purchase beyond the specific socio-cultural context of its generation.