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(of language) transparently clear

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Both brothers have been the subject of previous biographies, with Allen enjoying perhaps the most perspicuous by Burton Hersh, a longtime student of the intelligence agencies.
This affirmation is further corroborated by the unabated increase in the patient as well as staff satisfaction, as shown by the feedback periodically gathered by the public relations department of the hospital through a perspicuous questionnaire over recent-years vis-a-vis availability of hospital supplies.
Aristotle could not have been more perspicuous in the following apothegm on the precarious relationship between alimentary pleasure and excess: "people are blamed, not for undergoing them [bodily pleasures], desiring them, and loving them, but rather for doing so in a certain way, namely, in excess" (NE, VII, 4).
all the fates Shed fire across my eyelids mixed with night, And burn me blind and disilluminate My sense of seeing, and my perspicuous soul Darken with vision; seeing I see not, hear And hearing am not holpen.
Yet even the relatively rare, and significantly less popular, ventures in secular ethics have adopted a similar picture, grounding the principles they claim to be fundamental in episodes of ethical discovery, usually moments in which particularly perspicuous thinkers have recognized some deep and important truth that can then be received by all.
I would argue that the sympathy Macbeth elicits is more important as a mysterious fact about the play than as a perspicuous clue to its meaning.
Through the “bold and perspicuous windows” of his award-winning novels, Konrad Ventana throws back the curtains of conformity, looks critically at the ideologies of our postmodern times, and examines the potential for future development.
Encouraging the more perspicuous measurement of poverty is, of course, another area in which Thomas Pogge is active.
The role of thaumasite in the durability of concrete is not perspicuous.
perspicuous vision on various matters, while we also take pride in his key
He goes on to describe in similarly perspicuous language the urgent need for reflection that this early encounter with his life's work inspired in him and his escapes into the Wordsworthian landscapes of his Lake District boyhood to indulge that need, which began to make his parents think that "I had fallen into a habit of loafing"--a part of the story that his biographer reduces to paraphrase as follows:
What The Rational Optimist makes clear, in perspicuous prose and enchanting storytelling, is that, just as biological evolution populated the world with the wondrous variety of life, exchange allowed one of those species to achieve a wondrous standard of living that will only improve and become more uniform as we trade and invent.
HAND also offers the most informed and perspicuous account of the political violence in both Kalma and Hamidiya camps, at http://www.
the perspicuous increase in the drone strikes since President Obama took office and announcements that the U.
The artificial and bizarre images resulting from Sidney's standpoint on the topic could be put to good use by the author to create complex examples of poetic virtuosity and to generate perspicuous emblems expressing philosophical, emotional, pedagogical and even political messages.