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This variance in the events, lets the dexter participants exhibit their adeptness in coding, swiftness in LAN gaming, knowledge in IT Quiz and perspicaciousness in Turn Coat.
is understood to increase that consumer's perspicaciousness in
as Lord Warburton puts it in an uncharacteristic access of exasperation) to passing sentence of oneself as having been remiss in sagacity and perspicaciousness.
The perspicaciousness and introspective abilities of some students were quite impressive and beneficial to the whole group.
But I am not about to brand Whittall as a false prophet, since with typical perspicaciousness he already knew what lay ahead of those who were busying themselves with the methodologies of essentially German descent that arrived in Britain via the United States: in the very same article he takes the philosophy of Foucault as a stimulus for an examination of 'the most cherished assumptions about analytical procedure' and deconstructs theory and practice as applied to The Rite of Spring.