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Synonyms for perspicacious

Synonyms for perspicacious

having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

Synonyms for perspicacious

acutely insightful and wise

Related Words

mentally acute or penetratingly discerning

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The "fascist riots" of 6 February 1934 seemed to provide Doriot with an opportunity to head the emerging antifascist forces, but the party leadership would not tolerate dissent, however perspicacious.
Drake & Scull Qatar falls under the umbrella of Drake & Scull International (DSI) PJSC, and was established in 2002 and acquired by the parent company in 2010, a perspicacious move that has since seen the contractor expand its regional influence and geographic footprint.
Perspicacious pundits will tell you that this phenomenon will peter out as soon as the Arab Spring countries regain some stability.
We all know that O'Neill is one of the sharper knives in the Premier League drawer but be more perspicacious with their passing.
It would be perspicacious, as indicated above, for the government to postpone the implementation of GAAR for three years with an immediate pre-announcement of the date to remove any uncertainty from the minds of stakeholders," it said.
The interrelation of faith and reason demands a perspicacious eye for subtle distinctions.
Clearly no-one was taking much notice of such perspicacious tactical insight, because Fergie found himself forced to find another scapegoat this week.
Those who affirm that Stephen Harper is pro-abortion are more perspicacious than I am.
Whether touching upon the theories of Derrida, Lacan, and Walter Benjamin, or constructing a trellis of understanding between Don Quixote and Hollywood's Alien franchise, Glover considers an impressive array of texts and generously shares a continuously perspicacious magnification of how the best authors accomplish their seeming legerdemain.
The Officer (not the ratty above) talked the matter up in a more reasonable and perspicacious fashion, something I didn't expect from a person who claimed to be from Bor (he introduced himself that way anyway).
These are not hungry baboons; food aplenty in the form of fruit, cooked meats, rice, and bread are thrown to the perspicacious primates who have established their territory on that section of mountainside.
The result, in each essay and in the volume as a whole, is a signal advance on scholarship in this field, a contribution as judicious and perspicacious as it is erudite.
Smiley is middle-aged, mild-mannered, sagacious and perspicacious," he said.
If we can produce great wine then little is beyond our outstandingly enterprising, highly talented and perspicacious private sector, whose employees should be among the last in any dole queue.
No, says journalist Dan Gardner in his wonderfully perspicacious new book, Future Babble: Why Expert Predictions Are Next to Worthless, and You Can Do Better (McClelland & Stewart).