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Synonyms for perspicacious

Synonyms for perspicacious

having or showing a clever awareness and resourcefulness in practical matters

Synonyms for perspicacious

acutely insightful and wise

Related Words

mentally acute or penetratingly discerning

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(A quick check with the online Dictionary of etymology reveals that the word perspicacious harks back to as early as 1630 and is derived from the Latin perspicax.) That said, I'm slowly coming around to the opinion that little Jamie is a mix of both perspicacity and perspicuousness, neither of which I can assure readers I possessed when I was a lad of six; and, truth be told, I'm not sure I possess any today!
Unnerved by Target's disappointing earnings report in February, we checked in with Burland East, a perspicacious 57-year-old who has spent more than 30 years investing in commercial real estate.
Przybyszewski has contextualized their work with an excellent summary of fashion history, constructed via her perspicacious use of primary sources, including the Dress Doctors' many texts and pamphlets, home sewing pattern books, government publications, and oral histories.
A figure practised for technique becomes second nature, allowing the perspicacious poet-skater to "retrace, repeat," to outline stories, memories and the "scribe" of grief
Sep 23-Oct 23 LIBRA IF there's one thing you hate, it's people who use long words just to appear perspicacious. Your lucky long-winded sentence employed to fill up space in a newspaper is this one.
(3) As we first heard from increasingly perspicacious celebrity real estate informant Ben A.
The corollary question is this one: Who, in the retailing community, will be bright enough--and perspicacious enough--to attract him?
Everyone has competing agendas, from the power-hungry DA to a perspicacious police detective to Johnny's influential brother-in-law.
Addressing the laptop distribution ceremony, the Rector NUML Maj Gen (R) Masood Hasan said it was perspicacious insight of the Govt that it initiated laptop scheme for the students and scholars of the universities which would facilitate and research culture on the campuses and encourage students for more and more research work.
The heroine of the piece - the perspicacious Mrs Lees - was delightful.
A perspicacious young man, Roosevelt wrote a diary of his trip which included his observations of the Jews' prayer at the Western Wall.
'Resentment is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to die,'' says the perspicacious Carrie Fisher.
She "made her own way when the industry was unwilling to create this kind of space for a woman." Stemming from this trip is Down North, the daily account of her perspicacious observations on northern life, with especial reference to the northern women she encountered; as well as two previously unpublished short stories, included in the book, which explore themes of racism and solitude.
Jean-Luc Steinmetz offers a perspicacious account of Mauvais sang as a kind of "lutte contre tout ce qui rend esclave," strategically foregrounding emancipatory struggles as well as the alterity within poetic enunciation in Rimbaud (293-301).
Also crucial is the work of our expanded staff of dedicated and perspicacious editors, and our genre readers from the graduate programs of UNLV's English Department.