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Synonyms for perspective




Synonyms for perspective

that which is or can be seen

Synonyms for perspective

the appearance of things relative to one another as determined by their distance from the viewer

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In the particular case where the place concerned is a human brain, the perspective belonging to the place consists of all the perceptions of a certain man at a given time.
Given any appearance of an object, we can construct hypothetically a certain system of appearances to which the appearance in question would belong if the laws of perspective alone were concerned.
When a number of people at a theatre watch an actor, the changes in their several perspectives are so similar and so closely correlated that all are popularly regarded as identical with each other and with the changes of the actor himself.
These fortunes in perspective look such a long way off.
Please walk thirty yards, so that I can get a perspective on the thing.
The family was usually large, but the perspective bad.
I took out my pocket perspective, and could plainly discover numbers of people moving up and down the sides of it, which appeared to be sloping; but what those people where doing I was not able to distinguish.
You, who are blessed with shade as well as light, you, who are gifted with two eyes, endowed with a knowledge of perspective, and charmed with the enjoyment of various colours, you, who can actually SEE an angle, and contemplate the complete circumference of a circle in the happy region of the Three Dimensions -- how shall I make clear to you the extreme difficulty which we in Flatland experience in recognizing one another's configuration?
Beneath the unclouded and mild azure sky, upon the fair face of the pleasant sea, wafted by the joyous breezes, that great mass of death floats on and on, till lost in infinite perspectives.
Vast perspectives of success unroll themselves before my eyes.
Objective: We always take in a certain perspective when we speak.
PERSPECTIVE MADE SIMPLE: A Practical Guide for Artists.
Further, it highlights the contemporary change of research on men's bodies from one of quantitative psychological analyses to a more qualitative and, some might say, broader, eclectic and theoretical perspective.
Specifically, seven emperical studies were reviewed to 1) investigate conceptual and methodological fidelity to Bandura's theoretical model and 2) determine if adherence (or lack thereof) to an agentic perspective could help explain mixed results that have been found regarding the relationship between Teacher Efficacy and other personal and contextual variables.
The author reviews the literature related to life roles and describes a variety of techniques that can be used from a constructivist career counseling perspective.