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Synonyms for personification

Synonyms for personification

Synonyms for personification

a person who represents an abstract quality

representing an abstract quality or idea as a person or creature

the act of attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas etc


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Anthony Hecht, for example, chalks up the abundance of personifications in Auden's second collection, On this Island (the American title of Look, Stranger
The address not only takes place at the beginning of the poem but also gives rise to such a series of personifications, thus forming the basis for the poem as a whole.
He contends that 'certain personifications were commonplace' and that Shakespeare's symbolic characters relied on 'playgoers' familiarity with visual symbolism and a readiness to be intrigued, delighted, and moved by that symbolism' (p.
Although the tituli of the earlier cycles have been abandoned, Raphael's actors are intended, as Joost-Gaugier argues, to be recognizable by the parts they play as personifications of the knowledge imparted through their treatises.
Barbara Newman's substantial book is a discussion of what she terms "allegorical goddesses," female personifications of Wisdom, Charity (and Love), Nature and Reason, alongside a consideration of the Virgin Mary and the place of the Holy Family in Trinitarian theology.
What makes Auden's mind and body personifications strange, however, is that they are unlike the imaginary abstractions we often associate with personification.
He finds Langland's extraordinary phrase-name personifications to mark a radical departure in personification use, and suggests that the treatment of Anima, for example, could be conceived as a direct expression in practical poetic terms of nominalist principles (p.
It is provided by a human narrative figure who offers the reader access across diegetic levels and who inhabits the worlds of both humans and personifications (Will in Langland's text).
Horaplural Horae In Greco-Roman mythology, any one of the personifications of the seasons and goddesses of natural order.
The characters of the novel tend to be either personifications of abstractions or modern versions of biblical figures.
of Reading, the UK) has undertaken an analysis of the use of personifications, defined here as personifications of virtues, political institutions and divisions, festivals, and geographic entities, demonstrating how this concept may have fit into the philosophy and sense of identity of the Athenian and their democracy.
Interestingly, in these pictures personifications of action are still and passive.
In his introduction Bardell argues that the Ovidian and the courtly codes of love are in fact pitted against each other in the Cort d'Amor, and that the oppositional scheme of gender fleshed out by the allegorical personifications in the text sustains this dialectic, the feminine allying with the courtly and the masculine with the Ovidian.