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Personification has been used in European poetry since Homer and is particularly common in allegory; for example, the medieval morality play Everyman (c.
Over the years she has developed "The Black Widow" as her signature trademark, a personification of her style and her game.
Interior Ministry of Kyrgyzstan proposed mandatory personification of mobile connection users.
Reichick spends one class period each week with students, sharing various selections of poetry that have touched his life and reviewing poetic devices - metaphors, similes, personification - with the students.
Joan is the personification of the tragic heroine; her martyrdom embodies the paradox that humans fear--and often kill--their saints and heroes.
The personification approach is part of an overall customer relationship management strategy that is fundamental to the success of any entertainment property.
Personification of all mobile phones is planned in 2010 in Kyrgyzstan in a move to prevent their thefts and to control their import into the country, First Vice Prime Minister Akylbek Japarov said at the session of the State Communication Agency on Wednesday.
In prepared remarks, Clinton said President Franklin Roosevelt was the personification of the American Century and that the present generation could learn from the Depression-era leader as it headed toward the millennium.
Her character was most likely the personification of a whirlpool.
I have no problem with this personification of the volcano as a woman.
Art historians and scholars of literature formulate an account of personification to demonstrate the ingenuity with which late medieval and early modern authors and artists made use of the multifaceted device.
Personification or animation of objects and abstract notions as a verbalized way of thinking about the world is a generic feature of poetic speech that dates back to the times of mythological mapping of reality.
The total number of UMC cases has risen to three while in personification cases, the number has gone to two by detection in two papers of class 9th held on Thursday, said a daily situation report issued here.
The total number of UMC cases has been risen to six while in personification cases, the number has gone to seven by detection in two papers of class 10 held today , says a daily situation report issued here.