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Synonyms for personification

Synonyms for personification

Synonyms for personification

a person who represents an abstract quality

representing an abstract quality or idea as a person or creature

the act of attributing human characteristics to abstract ideas etc


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Similarly, personification case was registered against Mohammad Hanif s/o Wahid Baksh roll no 160621 in EnglishI (groupI) at Govt High school Shujabad, it said.
Similarly, personification case was registered against Mohsin Abbas s/o Mushtaq Ahmad roll no 606566 in BiologyII (groupII) at Govt High school Sarai Sadu, it said.
With certified training in wine, spirits and beer from International Sommelier Guild, The Court of Master Sommeliers, and Wine, Spirits and Education Trust, Georgeson has introduced her entertaining style of educating wine novices and wine collectors alike through the personification of wine varietals.
Write the words simile, metaphor, and personification on the board or interactive whiteboard.
We believe that when colour is combined with choice of manufacturer and model, it is a true personification of the owner.
It extended the lyrical themes of the song by showing Tennant under arrest by an inquisition with Lowe as his jailer and Ron Moody in the role of his judge, interspersed with brief clips of personifications of the seven deadly sins (with Geena Davis as the personification of Pride).
examines three prominent prophetic motifs, devoting a chapter to each: the personification of the city of Jerusalem as female; the Day of Yahweh; and the themes of sin and judgment.
It slows down the writing process and enables students to focus on creativity, composition writing sentence by sentence, the development of ideas, and the use of literary devices, such as personification, hyperbole, similes and metaphors.
American magazine Life and Style hailed the former Destiny's Child star as "the personification of style".
After following a large, majestic hart into the woods, she becomes hopelessly lost and meets the dark, handsome personification of Death.
Calling him a "mirror of an England past and present," Wilson sees in Cook a personification of an old England transforming itself into a Pax Britannica.
By doing so, you will experience the joy and excitement of gardening and, in the process, discover how poppies are a personification of gardeners themselves.
The prone figure in white marble is said to be the personification of a snowdrift although other critics have offered different interpretations.
Define the word personification, Use classic fairy tales as examples of the animal personifications.
Especially problematic is her use of the phrase "metaphorical minstrelsy" to describe the personification of non-white subjects by white modern dancers of the 1930s, as exemplified by Helen Tamiris and Ted Shawn in their dances to spirituals.