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Now, Personhood USA has committed to activating thousands of local voters in Wisconsin to let Paul Ryan know that they will not stand for a McConnell repeat.
31) Plaintiffs have won some and lost some, but the Supreme Court's continued adherence to this interpretive strategy suggests that, for the foreseeable future, businesses will win more than they lose because the personhood metaphor seems to compel courts to reject "discrimination" against corporations.
These hopes and fears are part of a much larger debate about fetal personhood in American society.
While the contributions have undergone several iterations since the project's inception, they remain woven together by a thread of connecting themes, most especially those of gendered personhood understood contextually as a set of complex, relational, and emergent social codes.
The move to grant fetuses legal and political standing took root back in 2008, when "local anti-choice groups founded an umbrella organization called Personhood USA" (2) to advance "personhood" measures nationwide.
Personhood USA, the activists behind the personhood campaign, sought to focus the campaign on women and their "protection.
This year, not only were the personhood proposals rejected, candidates who had previously supported the movement started madly backing away.
That fundamental expansion of the notion of personhood.
The following is an excerpt of the personhood statement that the Rochester community leaders have signed: “A person is an organism with unique human DNA governing his or her own maturation from conception to natural death…redefining personhood is arbitrary at best and mercenary at worst.
personhood as such or "practices, discourses, institutions" (anything but the particularized subject) as such were both speaking and reading--thus "disclosing the real of personhood.
Ariel's ecology; plantations, personhood, and colonialism in the American tropics.
Psychology's quest to be taken seriously as a science has included a reliance on empirical approaches to studying human behavior, a pervasive focus on the physiological factors of persons, and a reductionist view of personhood.
In search of self: Interdisciplinary perspectives on personhood.
In the novel Fanon, Wideman's collage technique adapts the historical Fanon's trope of the mask in his theories of the human personality in order to refashion the figure of the person as a mask of legal personhood.