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So the idea was to grant rights of personhood to nature itself.
When we consider personhood regarding AI things gets even murkier.
Drawn from a four-day conference held in Pretoria, South Africa, in 2015, the 22 essays in this volume consider the African concept of ubuntu, or the practice of being humane, in the context of justice, personhood, and human dignity in Southern African and wider international contexts.
Although Semler refers to current accounts of personhood in her introduction, she does not engage these accounts in the remainder of the book: there is no dialogue with other philosophers, whether contemporary or historical.
In the poetry of Joseph Gordon Macleod, personhood and astrology align at just the right degree of compositional value, producing a system of the self that is equally nebulous, equally predetermined.
Because personhood amendments are broad and vague enough not to be facially unconstitutional, and because they engage voters' social and moral preferences, they represent the political future of the pro-life movement.
The opposition to corporate personhood has not just been the stuff of speeches.
While the contributions have undergone several iterations since the project's inception, they remain woven together by a thread of connecting themes, most especially those of gendered personhood understood contextually as a set of complex, relational, and emergent social codes.
The move to grant fetuses legal and political standing took root back in 2008, when "local anti-choice groups founded an umbrella organization called Personhood USA" (2) to advance "personhood" measures nationwide.
Personhood USA, the activists behind the personhood campaign, sought to focus the campaign on women and their "protection.
Personhood amendments have been defeated wherever they pop up, including Mississippi.
It focused on the strengths of the individual with dementia, what they could still do, who they were and their personhood.
Recent literature, beginning with Wendt's "The State as Person in International Theory" attempts to fully engage the concept of personhood for the state (Wendt, 2004).