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Synonyms for personate

pretend to be someone you are not

attribute human qualities to something

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The distinctly theatrical subtexts of Lacy's storyline seem to personate a valued actor or playwright's intimate (and perhaps turbulent) relationship with the Rose playhouse.
I think it is probably a state of self-induced hypnosis in which her hypnotic self personates different characters either consciously and deliberately, or unconsciously and believing herself to be the person she represents, and sometimes probably in a state of consciousness intermediate between the two.
42) Il motivo delia frustrazione personate che affianca, sino quasi a soppiantarlo, quello del dolore per le offese subite dalla stirpe e trattato da Basta Donzelli, op.
Carlos Fernandez Sessarego, Derecho a la identidad personal, Buenos Aires: Astrea, 1992, e Giorgio Pino, II diritto all'identita personate.
More recently, Virginia Mason Vaughan has argued that "a major ingredient in the audience's fascination with the Moor is the pleasure of seeing the white actor personate a black man and knowing that this is what he or she is seeing" (Vaughan 97).
Additionally, some attackers attempt to personate the authorized users to enjoy multimedia services.
In the accountant role context, management accountant in Surabaya more personate "Accountant as an Actor" regarding financial accounting perspective.
Critical material from memoirs, anecdotes, reviews, theatre history, and biography weave intertextual portraits even as Vaughan argues that audiences' fascination with the Moor was the "pleasure of seeing a white actor personate a black man and knowing this is what he or she is seeing" (97).
She parses out the subtle nuances of "the dynamics of blackface impersonation," by showing that "a major ingredient in the audience's fascination with the Moor is the pleasure of seeing the white actor personate a black man and knowing that this is what he or she is seeing" (97).
Browning is keenly aware of the not very subtle anthropomorphism that underwrites the postulation of a personate deity whose attributes as an individual are both knowable and known, not to mention the solipsism of such a postulation.
DC's Tim Stone says most of his members are upset that they only see the traditional politicians before elections when they visit the cemeteries to write down the names of the recently buried in order to personate their votes.
For example, a "beardtongue" staminode like the one in Penstemon (Cheloneae, Scrophulariaceae) also occurs in Jacaranda (Bignoniaceae); petal aestivation, or folding in the buds, shows both ascending and descending patterns within Scrophulariaceae, Lentibulariaceae, and Bignoniaceae, ascending and quincuncial patterns within Acanthaceae, and descending and quincuncial patterns in Orobanchaceae [whereas their presumed closest relatives, Rhinantheae (Scrophulariaceae) have ascending petal folding]; personate corollas similar to those of Antirrhineae (Scrophulariaceae) are exhibited by some Acanthaceae, Gesneriaceae, Bignoniaceae, and Lentibulariaceae; other parallelisms occur in ovary structure, ovule number, sensitive stigma lobes, and postgenital fusion of the anthers (Endress, 1994).
As a handsome young boy, he might be an object of attraction; but because he was not truly gentle born, the same city boy could only personate gentles like themselves.
One of the causes of action in the complaint claims that the defendants "owed a duty to Torres not to falsely personate [cq] him, not to libel him and not to otherwise attack, discredit, ridicule or humiliate him" and that by doing so they had "breached the duties owed to Torres.
oro non e stata esauditao Chi parla e "chiuso in una stanza, in un mondo chiuso"e quello che sta per fare e "riandare con la memoria", al pas sa to quindi, a q uel mondo altro, doloroso, dei contadini lucanioCio segna una prospettiva di narrazione che si allargheni a tutto il libro: il ricordoo (25) L'adesione personate a quell'universo efuor dubbio poiche, oltre "ai miei contadini"citati, si accenna, di nuovo con il possessivo, a "quella mla terra senza conforto e dolcezza"o Un po' pili avanti la prima persona del singolare si trasforma in prima del plurale: "Parliamo un diverso linguaggio: la nostra lingua equi incomprensibile"(Levi, 1956: 9-10)0 (26) Chi comprende questo noi?