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homestead constitutional protections, others exempt personalty. Because
However, Baker, a residual beneficiary, argued that the phrase should be interpreted to include only household goods and personalty. The probate court agreed with Baker.
Realty was defined as "all lands within the state, and all buildings or other things erected on or affixed to the same." Personalty was defined to include household items; all water vessels; money and interest; and public stock in turnpikes, bridges, insurance companies, and monied corporations.
Kaine, who has an easy-going personalty, could help running mate Hillary Clinton with likability while Pence, Indiana's governor and a seasoned politician, could help present running mate Donald Trump by assuaging fears over Trump's more extreme statements.
Gardening isn't just about weeding, it's about water pistols with the kids or barbecuing on a summer's eveningBefore you know it, you will be flying and find it all totally addictives & you can bring your personalty to your garden
"[8] In matrimonial cases, parties often agree to sell jointly owned assets (whether realty or personalty) and split the proceeds.
"I want to personalty congratulate each of you on being named a finalist for this year 's Arkansas Business of the Year Awards, Executive of the Year and Nonprofit Executive of the Year.
Yet "he refused to believe, even after all he'd seen and personalty suffered, that negotiation was impossible." Mr.
(262) To the Colonists, a "fundamental principl[e]" of English and American law, "deeply rooted in the English common law" and "confirmed by Magna Carta," was that "personal liberty and private rights to property were normally beyond the reach of the king and could be taken from the individual only as provided by the law of the land." (263) As James Madison explained, the term "property" included more than realty and personalty, reaching anything of value to someone, including legal rights.
LAHORE -- President Mamnoon Hussain on Sunday said school, college and university students should be introduced the teachings of Father of the Nation, Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, in order to groom their personalty.
Attorney-General (Whitechapel Board of Works) v Horner solidifies this approach by applying the presumption to personalty. (119) In Homer, the defendant had been granted letters patent to hold a market in or near Spital Square.
When the Chief Security Officer of JHMC arrived, he said he had orders 'from his bosses' not to allow us, CJHDevCo, entry as our company has no legal personalty to continue occupying the leased premises at John Hay as the PDRCI decision is now final and executory.
Wood observed that "[i]t seems obvious by now that Beard's notion that men's property holdings, particularly personalty holdings, determined their ideas and their behavior was so crude that no further time should be spent on it." (22)
The study is published in Social Psychological and Personalty Science.