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The 2006 ChoiceStream Personalization Survey is the third in a series of national surveys designed to provide insight into consumer interest in, and perceptions of, personalization on the desktop, TV and mobile devices.
ChoiceStream is the premier personalization solution provider for the world's largest entertainment, e-retail, TV and mobile brands, including AOL, Yahoo
8 million Euros in 2005, Oberthur Card Systems is one of the world's leading providers of card-based solutions, software and applications including SIM and multi-application smart cards as well as services ranging from consulting to personalization.
Multimedia: leading position in the Pay-TV market with an end-to-end expertise in the value chain: software development, manufacturing and personalization
DirecType software enables users to incorporate variable text - names or messages - into photographic images for high impact personalization of direct mail, posters, postcards, e-cards, mouse pads, and other personalized documents so that they attract more attention and produce higher response rates than common advertising media.
Pilot projects of this breakthrough over the air contactless payments personalization platform are expected to begin shortly, beginning in the United States.
GWE) headquartered in San Diego, California, with operations in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, is the only industry leader specializing in mobile personalization inside and outside the mobile phone.
Accurate targeting of profitable back-catalog and non-mainstream movies: Often the most useful--and the most profitable--recommendations, these titles are overlooked by traditional approaches to personalization which require movies to be rated or downloaded by large numbers of users before they can be accurately recommended.
Online retailers drive a lot of the innovation in email marketing technology, so it's not surprising that they want this kind of advanced personalization," said Dave Dabbah, director of marketing for Lyris Technologies.
E[acute accent]"The UbiQ software suite allows us to offer improved EMV data preparation, key management and card issuance software solutions, a complete range of 3rd-party partner development tools, and support for issuance on multiple card types, operating systems and personalization hardware platforms.
The new study entitled Inkjet Addressing and Personalization: Overview and Outlook 2004 sizes the ink jet addressing and personalization market in the U.
By bringing together the powerful FusionPro(TM) VDP document composition engine and the unique image personalization technology offered by DirectSmile(TM), Printable gives graphic communications providers an Internet-based Web-to-Print solution that delivers the next generation of data-driven communication.
para]]Study Also Finds Nearly 1 in 2 Plans to Increase Their Budgets for Personalization Initiatives[[/para]]
In her presentation at the recent NEPA marketing conference in New Orleans, consultant and copywriter Barbara Kaplowitz differentiated among three types of personalization in marketing: active, passive, and transactual.
The Personalization Engine: To personalize the entire customer experience, configuring unique sets of messages and offers to each customer.
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