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a questionnaire that is supposed to yield a description of a person's personality traits

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An analysis of the cross-cultural equivalence of some frequently used personality inventories.
Hopefully, this initial study will stimulate further research into the fairness of both the BTRSPI and derived measures of team types from personality inventories as self-report measures for selection and team building.
In a comparison study, 20 male pedophiles and 24 male controls underwent three personality inventories.
Their results show that the injured runners, particularly the women, scored higher than their non-injured peers did on personality inventories that measure "Type A" behavior and exercise dependency.
The use of personality inventories was once thought to be of little use in personnel selection.
Parents are often asked to complete behavioral checklists and personality inventories regarding their children when they bring them in for psychotherapy or neuropsychological testing.
Psychologists in many countries administer personality inventories and other questionnaires, which have been standardized and validated on samples other than the population of their own countries.
Also, several reviews have commented on the heightened adoption of personality inventories in organizational contexts, particularly given the relative lack of adverse impact and palpable predictive validity of these measures (Dunnette, 1998; Hough, Eaton, Dunnette, Kamp, & McCloy, 1990).
Bauman and Kropf noted that the list of personality inventories and procedures reported in use in their most recent study had changed little from a previous study of over a decade earlier (Bauman, 1967).
Pearson Assessments publishes and distributes the entire line of Millon personality inventories.
Part II presents information on the most widely used self-report personality inventories, and Part III presents information on what have traditionally been called "projective," or performance-based, measures.
Until 1991, only two personality inventories had been specifically developed within the FFM framework.
Practitioners must, therefore, exercise caution in the interpretation of the MMPI and similar personality inventories.
As these characteristics pertain more closely to normal population, those personality inventories were scanned which were developed for normal population.
The HRMpredictor assesses one's behavioral traits on 35 scales, which is significantly more precise than personality inventories and other less sophisticated tools available in the marketplace that typically are based on four to seven scales.
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