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a person who manages the affairs of another

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Article 3 stipulates that the Deputy Prime Minister for International Relations and Cooperation Affairs and Personal Representative of His Majesty the Sultan shall assume the powers and prerogatives of the Minister of Diwan of Royal Court in the two above-mentioned laws.
This professional help can keep the personal representative on track and can save time and money overall.
In Parker, the Fourth District referenced eight different cases (12) to support its position that Florida courts repeatedly allow parties other than the personal representative to bring these causes of action.
The Court of Appeals affirmed the sale of the property to the personal representative for $150,000 because the trial court had considered the relevant facts, applied the proper law and used a demonstrably rational process to reach a reasonable conclusion.
The appellate court held that "plaintiffs' failure to name a personal representative in the foreclosure action did not divest the circuit court of jurisdiction" over the matter.
The personal representative (a term including an executor, executrix, administrator, and adminstratrix) is then qualified to carry out his duties.
Debbie Johnson qualified as Gafford's Executrix and personal representative of her estate on February 22, 2007.
Many of these individuals will take on the role of personal representative (executor) of their parents' estates when their parents die and will receive compensation from the estate for these services.
After the death of a spouse, serving as personal representative can help the survivor deal with his or her new circumstances.
The personal representative of the estate of a pretrial detainee who committed suicide while incarcerated brought an action against a sheriff, in his official capacity, asserting claims for deliberate indifference to the detainee's medical needs in violation of [section] 1983, negligent training and supervision of jail employees, and vicarious liability for the employees' negligence.
We recommend that the designation of a HIPAA personal representative be included in your durable power of attorney.
In each of these circumstances, the parent is not the personal representative of the minor and does not automatically have the right of access to health information specific to the situation, unless the minor requests that the parent act as the personal representative and have access.
Libertus is also a rare detective, who has been hired by a wealthy patron, Septimus, the provincial governor's personal representative, to investigate the murder of a retired centurion, Germanicus.
Further complicating the situation is the legal stipulation that only one person may serve as the personal representative for each estate.
European Parliament Committee meetings in Brussels in the week ending 20 October:Environment, Public Health and Consumer PolicyMonday 16 October: adoption of a motion for resolution on the Commission's strategy for The Hague Conference on climate changeTuesday 17 October: Report by Laura Gonzlez Alvarez (EUL/NGL, Spain) on consumer protection: general product safety; report by Beatrice Patrie (PES, France) on consumer, health and environmental protection: the precautionary principleConstitutional AffairsMonday 16 October: meeting with Poul Skytte Christoffersen, personal representative of Denmark on the IGC preparatory group; meeting with Mr Bernard R.
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