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a pronoun expressing a distinction of person

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Among all the personal pronouns referring to named characters, 14% referred to female characters and 85% to male characters.
On the basis of data from the prose texts collected in the Innsbruck Corpus in what follows we shall verify whether materials in that collection support such a distribution of the forms of the first person singular personal pronoun in Middle English.
The kind of attitudinal meanings conveyed through the choice of a particular kinship term or personal pronoun can only be inferred from the co-text and context.
In addition, the list of collocates shared by all of the ten nodes, included the personal pronouns mina 'I', tema 'he/she' and oma 'his/her'.
A different school of thought originated with Meyer-Lubke, who saw the use of -ne with personal pronouns as just another manifestation of its use with oxytonic words in general.
Here the subtitler might have explicated the implications of the pronoun usage but space and time ('in and out') requirements might have mitigated against this, particularly as the exercise would have had to be repeated in many other dialect segments, including the following one that provides another example of the use of personal pronouns to express the characters' attitudes towards each other.
For I know my offenses, and my sin is ever before me" are just a few examples of the prevalence of the personal pronoun in this psalm.
Especially significant and illustrative of this emphasis is the difference in personal pronoun as employed by Esau and Jacob, respectively, when replying to their father's perplexed query regarding their identities.
The inversion of "the other," via the personal pronoun, into something approaching "the same" is central to everything the group does, beginning with their appropriation of a host of theatrical--moreover, musical-theatrical--tropes for purposes of performance art.
3 The personal pronoun I with its top and tail shows him in dominant mood.
personal pronoun 'ehna, which does not occur in the Syrian dialect area to the north of Palestine.
Also, as is shown in Table 3, the only personal pronoun used in the paragraph is "I," the narrator.
THERE are few things more pathetic than columnists who become addicted to the personal pronoun.
For example, in Spanish, verbs can often be used without a personal pronoun being specified.
45) When the demonstrative is used as subject together with a definite predicate, a personal pronoun is inserted between demonstrative and nominal predicate in order to distinguish this construction from the attributive use, as in ha[delta]a rrajulu 'this man' vs.
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