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a lightweight consumer electronic device that looks like a hand-held computer but instead performs specific tasks

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BRIDGEWATER, N.J.--Royal Consumer Business Products continues to redefine what a low-end personal organizer should be.
For example, we've found that half of our LX95 customers use their machines primarily as a personal organizer, even if they bought it originally for number crunching.
One such item is UltraClip, a sheet of plastic paper clips designed to fit into loose-leaf binders, spiral notebooks and personal organizers. The product was introduced into the mass market by Clix Products Inc.
It also markets the Day-Timer personal organizer line.
- Day Runner Inc., makers of those handy binder-style personal organizers, has come up with a software program that brings the planning system to the PC.
SECAUCUS, N.J.--Rolodex is bringing to market a computerized paging device that works with personal organizers. The DataPage is an accessory that fits any standard 3-ring, 6-ring or 7-ring organizer, holds names, phone numbers and schedules.
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