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memory for episodes in your own life

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This involves personal memory and cultural grounding, as well as perception and sensory experience; sense in this instance notably including the expanded notion of hapticity, regarding touch, muscular tension, spatial compression and expansion, and awareness of temperature and humidity.
Only through intimate details taken from reproductions can Arasse return these publicly held pictures to the domain of personal memory.
Apart from the activities mentioned by Neville Browning in his letter, I have a personal memory of other methods of raising money.
I have no personal memory of the moment the Court cast out "separate but equal" from our national law.
My personal memory never was very good, and it constantly complains that I am filling it with too much unnecessary and irrelevant information, and not with the important things that really matter.
Throughout his career, Egoyan has created a cinema populated by characters burdened with memory, usually tragic personal memory.
Personal memory of Stephanie Rigamat, a Crescenta Valley soccer standout who now plays at UCLA, recently played on the national team for the first time and last week was named to Soccer America's Collegiate MVP team: Watching her outrun the Chatsworth High defense to reach the ball first and scoring what became the tying goal.
His 1963: Yesterday was inspired by a personal memory of his first meeting with the Royal Theatre.
It intertwines a personal tribute on a sad occasion with a personal memory of the role of Franco Ferraresi in the birth and early years of the institution, and with a memory of its birth which is more substa ntive than archives permit.
739), Kilpi draws large, personal truths from slight, essential shards of personal memory and unwieldy, fragmented truths from imperfect, historical memory.
If the computer finds the stack temperature is too high or too low, it will automatically start dialing those in its personal memory alert list.
Goodwin has written an entrancing, indeed magnificent account of the second half of the Roosevelt saga, the war years, with enough flashbacks to the peacetime New Deal years to give background to readers who, like Goodwin, have no personal memory of FDR and his times.
The point is each of us has a personal memory bank of aromas, and the richer the bank, the more memories we can pull from it to describe a wine.
com), a leading designer and manufacturer of personal memory, storage and power products, and Orange County Choppers (http://www.
Each person has a personal memory box with some things from their past," says general manager Ann Rainsford.
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