personal magnetism

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a personal attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others

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Yes, I know, I know, but that's what he was able to do by a mixture of personal magnetism and the manipulation of the media.
July shines as your personal magnetism reaches a high luster level.
Zawahiri's stature as an intellectual is unquestioned in Islamist radical circles, and many believe that he lacks bin Laden's personal magnetism.
He died in 323, but within 20 years the empire that was so reliant on his personal magnetism had been dismantled.
You are going to be radiating a very personal magnetism.
An American leader whose apparent dedication to this issue, ostensible worldwide appeal, and personal magnetism could all together provide the hidden piece to the puzzle that has bedeviled the world going on six decades?
Because your personal magnetism can reach a high but equally you can learn quite a lot about humility and frailty.
it--(this one I can identify) - a pronoun, or "physical allure, especially when accompanied by personal magnetism and charm; sex appeal, particularly female).
Back home, the personal magnetism with which he convinced the city fathers that the project was feasible vanished when he left San Pedro.
Garibaldi was to experience many such defeats, but, combined with his extraordinary, personal magnetism, they fed his myth, until all of Europe was enraptured.
extraordinary personal magnetism and, on the evidence of the video, is
What does it mean when crowds are drawn to an arena not by the message preached but by the personal magnetism of the preacher?
On the other hand, Elektra, another comic-book adaptation, might turn heads in her tight-laced scarlet bustier, but her personal magnetism doesn't measure up: She's a gloomy assassin who suffers from nightmares, insomnia, and OCD.
To be fervently induced to radiate when you lack this personal magnetism is like being urged to be beautiful when you are incontrovertibly plain.
Lucius Catiline was a dissolute patrician and senator gifted with good looks, intelligence, boundless energy, and tremendous personal magnetism.
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