personal magnetism

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a personal attractiveness or interestingness that enables you to influence others

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You are going to be radiating a very personal magnetism.
Because your personal magnetism can reach a high but equally you can learn quite a lot about humility and frailty.
it--(this one I can identify) - a pronoun, or "physical allure, especially when accompanied by personal magnetism and charm; sex appeal, particularly female).
Back home, the personal magnetism with which he convinced the city fathers that the project was feasible vanished when he left San Pedro.
extraordinary personal magnetism and, on the evidence of the video, is
What does it mean when crowds are drawn to an arena not by the message preached but by the personal magnetism of the preacher?
On the other hand, Elektra, another comic-book adaptation, might turn heads in her tight-laced scarlet bustier, but her personal magnetism doesn't measure up: She's a gloomy assassin who suffers from nightmares, insomnia, and OCD.
Lucius Catiline was a dissolute patrician and senator gifted with good looks, intelligence, boundless energy, and tremendous personal magnetism.
Sharipov may have been singled out in part because of his personal magnetism, says "Anna," a fellow Uzbek journalist who asked that her name be changed to protect her identity.
But what most fundamentally distinguishes Trujillo is not in the end his thorough mastery of Machiavellian politics but rather his uncanny personal magnetism, his unique charisma and seductive charm that more closely resemble sorcery than science.
Political scientists and pundits imagined that this alliance was held together only by Reagan's personal magnetism.
That loyalty was inspired by Sam's personal magnetism," said Don Soderquist, who recently retired as Wal-Mart's senior vice chairman and chief operating officer and worked closely with Walton until his death in 1992.
Persistence, he stresses, is "more important than intellect, athletic ability, good looks, or personal magnetism.
He cautions leaders-to-be to keep pride, insecurity, moodiness, perfectionism and cynicism in check, since all can stand in the way of your improving/expanding your personal magnetism.
Her luxuriant armpits managed to upstage an entire Liz Hurley effectively - and, it might be argued, they have more personal magnetism.
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