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a letter dealing with personal affairs

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Still, the deluge of electronic email, texting and social media updates most Americans receive on a daily basis today may mean that a "fresh" way of communicating -- like a personal letter or card -- may have increasingly unique value.
Manager Brendan Rodgers will write a personal letter of condolence to Graham's family and tributes will be posted on the official LFC Twitter feed.
Students will then write a personal letter in response to the global issues, which will be inserted into donated books to inspire the charity's customers.
Former US presidents George Bush and Bill Clinton both also sent personal letters to Kim, raising the benefits of disarmament.
The children really enjoy it and they didn't expect to each get a personal letter back and that's what's quite overwhelming.
Which is why he has sent a personal letter to all those in the regiment who have been wounded in Afghanistan.
As a regular reader of your fine magazine, his essay feels like a personal letter to me.
I have now received a personal letter from the great man thanking me for the winning jockey's award - apparently he does this for the sponsor of every race he wins.
There is nothing like the personal touch in following up with a hand-written thank-you note to the lead source and a personal letter to the prospect.
One of the editors may write a personal letter discussing a recent article or conference presentation.
It was a personal letter to you, with information about my family life and my cell phone number," he said.
Conference of Catholic Bishops, issued a personal letter urging bishops to publicly support the measure and to ask their senators to do the same.
The correspondence can be any personal letter or e-mail on any subject, including expressions of love, patriotism, homesickness, determination and encouragement.