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the cost of personal or family living

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The top 5 includes taxpayers who are either: leaving out some of their income, usually because they lodge too early, trying to claim deductions for personal expenses, forgetting to keep receipts or records of their expenses, or in some cases, incorrectly claiming something they never paid for, usually because they think they can claim a standard deduction.
By that, it means keeping your personal expenses separate from your business expenses.
Because of so much personal involvement, using business monies to pay for personal expenses, or vice versa, might seem like a good idea, but in reality, co-mingling monies can be a major headache.
Personal expense cutbacks also helped the company return to the black, it said.
Sources close to the senator, have informed that Raza Rabbani wanted to perform Umrah on his personal expense, as a gesture of his gratitude over approval of his much worked over 18th Amendment draft.
A police spokesman said: "These officers used the ride at their own personal expense in order to help break down barriers and to encourage younger members of the community to see that they are approachable."
These include improvements to council tax benefits and doubling of personal expense allowances for care home residents.
These thousand unarmed civilians, who had come from all across the nation, had proved the point Gilchrist set out to demonstrate: "Americans could be effective simply by having a physical presence at the border." But they were rewarded for their sacrifice of time and personal expense by President Bush's totally unfair designation of them as "vigilantes."
He also belongs to New York's Friar's Club because "it is convenient and relatively quiet, but it's a personal expense because I don't use it enough for business."
Four years ago, in the affluent suburb of Walnut Creek, California, fifteen miles east of Oakland and up the freeway from Silicon Valley, a structural engineering software magnate named Ashraf Habibullah banded together with ballerina Lauren Jonas and, at his great personal expense, launched a chamber ballet company--a small resident ballet company with a live orchestra for the fast-growing dry grasslands region of Contra Costa County.
But the law clearly states that tuition payments are a personal expense, are considered quid pro quo and are not deductible.
For most taxpayers getting to and from work--no matter how arduous, frustrating or costly their daily commute--is a nondeductible personal expense.
Thus, the payment of a credit card fee should be considered as the payment of a nondeductible personal expense, similar to personal expenses not deductible by reason of Sec.
A corporation's payment of its shareholder's personal expense or obligation is not deductible by the corporation.
A former Arkansas lawmaker whose uncle is the governor pleaded not guilty Tuesday to federal charges that he spent thousands in campaign funds on trips, groceries and other personal expenses.
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