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(of persons) pleasant in appearance and personality

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Organized into 33 short chapters, the book is personably written and directed to the student.
Be willing to communicate personally--and personably.
If they make a hash of things, are they personably liable for any losses?
Paula, a front-line senior customer service advisor in the West Brom's new Contact Centre in West Bromwich, was nominated by colleagues and customers for her sensitivity, efficiency and ability to deal with enquiries personably and professionally.
The clocking of her seasons and her years, her shifts from cave to cave for different winters or different pregnancies, her quarrels with my dogs, and nattering vocalisms while educating successive pairs of cubs (and bathing in the Wheelers' tablewater spring, until the niece's husband fenced it in), have engrossed me as much as the more recent advent of coyotes--who howl so personably in July, once their pups are mobile, from the vicinity of their den on the slope above my house.
For readers of middle-school age and higher, Susi Trautmann Wunsch's book The Adventures of Sojourner is a clear, personably written, and well-illustrated description of the Pathfinder mission.
Broderick acquits himself well on both sides of the camera - not only is he a personably down-to-earth boffin but he's also calling the shots as director.
Big-mouthed and dangerous." Self-hate is supplanted by hatred for whites: "She lives in this city for years without talking personably to a single white person or having one talk to her."
She begins to present her facts openly, personably, and we begin to laugh with Lucy.(18) Bronte has variously positioned Lucy in relation to heterosexual desire throughout the narrative: the initial dismissal of the heterosexual model based on the primary father-daughter relationship and sanctified through the substitution of Polly's love for Graham; the acceptance of the abstract ideal when caring for Miss Marchmont; the secrecy surrounding her love for Dr.
Derr, chairman and CEO, communicated more personably and candidly.