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Synonyms for person-to-person

involving direct communication or contact between persons or parties

Related Words

(of two persons) in direct encounter


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The downside about Apple Pay person-to-person payments is that both users need to have an Apple Pay Cash account, which means funds can't be sent to Android users.
We are proud to be working with Fiserv and Zelle owner Early Warning to offer faster person-to-person payments to our customers - helping ensure that they will be able to seamlessly pay other people in real-time.
According to Fiserv, the combination allows person-to-person payments to be initiated directly from a user's mobile banking account, enhancing the functionality of mobile banking by enabling consumers to pay people they know or owe using their email address or mobile phone number.
NASDAQ: FISV), a leading global provider of financial services technology solutions, today announced that it has integrated its Popmoney([R]) person-to-person payments service with its widely used Mobiliti[TM] mobile banking and payments platform.
Although this case provides strong evidence for person-to-person transmission, the risk of infection in most circumstances is still considered to be very low," he said.
Vegetables and herbs harvested from the garden will be donated to the Person-to-Person food pantry in Darien, Connecticut.
The process for transferring money person-to-person at NCR SelfServ ATMs is simple.
A partnership with CashEdge, Inc, a provider of money transfer services, would allow Fifth Third Bank (NASDAQ:FITB) to provide person-to-person money transfer services.
The Government played down fears the resistant strain could now spread after confirmation there had previously been "no documented episodes of person-to-person transmission".
Hantavirus pulmonary syndrome outbreak in Argentina: molecular evidence for person-to-person transmission of Andes virus.
While the disease can be contracted by handling diseased poultry, thus far, no reported case of person-to-person transmission of bird flu has occurred.
Fewer than 10 of the 79 confirmed human cases are thought to have resulted for person-to-person contact--most victims handled infected poultry.
There is no clearly documented person-to-person spread.
and boosting classifieds will be a focus, including person-to-person ads through an investment in Tribe.
Finnish telecomms solutions provider Nokia demonstrated today (3 December) person-to-person IP mobility services using the Nokia IP Multimedia pilot system at the CDMA Development Group (CDG) conference in San Diego, USA.