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Synonyms for persnickety

Synonyms for persnickety

(used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogant

characterized by excessive precision and attention to trivial details


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The loop featured a mix of Mars-themed films, such as Space Camp, 2012--detailing the calisthenic and other preparations undertaken for the mission by the large cast of collaborators and helpers drafted into the project--and more general introductions to the Sachsian weltanschauung, including Ten Bullets, 2010, the most celebrated in a series of kaleidoscopically persnickety short movies that the artist has been releasing in recent years.
A lot of lesbians, apparently, don't like fashion, dismissing it as the domain of insecure heterosexual women and persnickety gay men.
The author's persnickety definitional hairsplitting reveals why the origins argument matters: the winner defines the movement.
Now penniless and less persnickety the once highfalutin, urbane swaggerer looked up and replied winsomely: Do I look like I give a damn?
Can you imagine persnickety EPA officials being magnanimous to a company that tried to duck the consequences of its actions by claiming that it had only violated "process and procedure"?
I need a nickel for every time I've used the word persnickety. I need this drought to end, this plague to cease, this malaise to pass over our children.
* Be persnickety and square the fence to the bed before any jointing.
Besides sheer check and other transaction volume, there are far more complicated loan instruments, analysis needs, risk and credit scoring and regulatory requirements than the already persnickety demands of compliantly serving individual members.
The triggers are amazing, but my uncle was always pretty persnickety about his guns, so it wouldn't surprise me if they've seen some work.
Pointing this out may be persnickety, but, as we lawyers know all too well, words matter.
It's this kind of persnickety timing that cost Darreld Murphy of Scottsburg his shot at glory on Sunday.
"Jamie, you have to stay here forever," said Evelyn Davis, self-described "queen of the corporate jungle" and a perennial, sometimes persnickety presence at many companies' annual meetings.
For renters who like their music loud -- but run into trouble with persnickety neighbors -- drummer Graham Hawthorne, who's played with Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon and Harry Belafonte, among others, is renting out the top floor of his Harlem, may have the solution.
For senior-level recruitments, though, the industry has started to get more persnickety. "This industry needs specialised talent; especially people who have specific skills-be it in logistics and supply chain, or people who understand the digital media, for instance.