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Synonyms for persnickety

Synonyms for persnickety

(used colloquially) overly conceited or arrogant

characterized by excessive precision and attention to trivial details


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Some believe (although it has never been scientifically proven) that Italian and French speakers are less persnickety, and thus more liberal than those who speak Schwyzerdutsch and Romansh--presumably because many of the latter really do live in the Alps and yodel.
Pointing this out may be persnickety, but, as we lawyers know all too well, words matter.
It's this kind of persnickety timing that cost Darreld Murphy of Scottsburg his shot at glory on Sunday.
Jamie, you have to stay here forever," said Evelyn Davis, self-described "queen of the corporate jungle" and a perennial, sometimes persnickety presence at many companies' annual meetings.
For renters who like their music loud -- but run into trouble with persnickety neighbors -- drummer Graham Hawthorne, who's played with Aretha Franklin, Paul Simon and Harry Belafonte, among others, is renting out the top floor of his Harlem, may have the solution.
For senior-level recruitments, though, the industry has started to get more persnickety.
1) In Scotland are found such forms as pirnicky, pernicky, pernicked, pernicket, pernickett, pirnickerie, pernigglety, pick-nickerties, and pernicketies, while in America a major variant appeared (from 1892 onwards) in persnickety and comparable forms.
I was amazed that DUAT actually took the plan, as that system has been persnickety of late (not allowing airports as intermediate waypoints in a plan anymore).
I promise to be freakishly peevish and particular, to the point of down right persnickety if necessary.
Not embracing these disciplines calls into question the persnickety appellation system championed by vineyard owners in prestigious wine regions such as Bordeaux, Champagne, and Napa.
I am not a retailer, but if there is anyone out there, preferably within 100 miles of Pensacola, Florida, who has young fryers and who has a farm that can pass inspection by a persnickety chef, I would like to hear from you.
This is important not only with customers and vendors but with other supplier types such as those persnickety financial service entities, your lenders.
But in that world of the perpetual present tense--post it now, fix it later, update constantly--old-time, persnickety editing may be a luxury in which only a few large news operations will indulge.
My grandmother, in my opinion, used to be pretty persnickety when it came to my use of those darn slang words.
Up until now, cats were left pretty much to their own devices, being persnickety as they are.