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Synonyms for persist

Synonyms for persist

to take and maintain a stand obstinately

to continue without halting despite difficulties or setbacks

to exist in spite of adversity

to be in existence or in a certain state for an indefinitely long time

Synonyms for persist

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The fact that HIV-infected macrophages can persist means that any
A sore throat or voice change that persists more than three weeks.
For each "additional" second a yellow light persists, drivers are more than three times as likely to pass through an intersection.
RANGERS last night warned their fans they face arrest inside Ibrox if they persist in singing the controversial "Famine Song".
This case clearly demonstrates that physiologic, radiographic, and histopathologic abnormalities may persist years after removal from exposure.
Scientists have long wondered whether superfluidity in a fermionic fluid could persist in the face of a spin imbalance, when there are more fermions with one spin than with the other.
Concluding that it could not afford to allow this to persist, the UK government established a Pension Protection Fund (PPF), which provides security along the lines of the PBGC.
Until now, these bishops say, the only persons who are refused communion according to Church law are those who are excommunicated, or interdicted, or obstinately persist in manifestly grave sin (Canon 915).
Her descriptions of these works are lucid, and the textual analyses insightful; but she persists in the awkward insertion of ideology-laden terminology such as discursive practices and counterhegemonic practices, and interjects poststructuralism's old favorites Foucault and Althusser into the study whenever the work threatens to diverge from its rigid ideological mission.
Art--A Sex Book persists in the belief that both art and sex can still be strange in a good way: something as yet unseen and beyond ordinary experience--something transcendental even, filthy linens aside.
For example, FMDV persists indefinitely in African buffalo herds; yet impala may constitute an important source of infection for the cattle target population (22) (e.
WebGain TopLink(TM) connects and persists Java Objects to relational databases.
This devotion is unequaled, in the first place, because no other saintly devotion has existed since the time of Jesus and persists today
Melancholy persists because revelations of mortality appear within both literal and literary bodies.