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May it please the court, the state has claimed, strenuously and persistently, that the bloodstained fingerprints upon that knife handle were left there by the assassin of Judge Driscoll.
Rosamond's cheeks by this time were persistently burning, and she felt much mortification.
Git outa deh way," she persistently bawled, waving feet with their dishevelled shoes near the heads of her children.
I scrap-booked these reports during several months, and it was curious to see how regular and persistently each city repeated its same death-rate month after month.
It had been ten years since the Russian had escaped the fate of his friend, the arch-fiend Rokoff, and not once, but many times during those ten years had Paulvitch cursed the fate that had given to Nicholas Rokoff death and immunity from suffering while it had meted to him the hideous terrors of an existence infinitely worse than the death that persistently refused to claim him.
I beg your pardon," said Passepartout persistently.
By persistently hanging on the enemy's flank, we shall succeed in the long run in killing the commander-in-chief.
This gentleman had risen early the morning of the day on which this history begins, and had placed himself at the window of his salon, seated upon the ledge, and leaning upon the rail of the balcony, gazing sadly but persistently on both sides of the street, watching, no doubt, for the arrival of the traveler he had mentioned to the host.
Court is issuing notices persistently but federal government is persistently violating court orders .
Among patients with atopic dermatitis, persistently active disease was significantly more common among females of nonwhite race with a history of atopy than among patients without these characteristics, in an analysis of survey data from the Pediatric Eczema Elective Registry.
Summary: Persistently low oil prices continue to pressure the funding environment for banks across the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries, as per a report by MoodyEe's entitled "Banks - Gulf Cooperation Council: Persistently Low Oil Prices Challenge Regional Liquidity Conditions".
The European Commission decided today to refer Poland to the Court of Justice of the EU over persistently high levels of dust particles that pose a major risk to public health.
In the McKinsey survey sample, only 40 percent of the persistently uninsured reported having income under 250 percent of the federal poverty level.
4 million to continue efforts to turn around their persistently lowest-achieving schools through the Department's School Improvement Grants (SIG) Program.
1%) found themselves in the persistently absent category and in St Helens 1,035 pupils (4.