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light teasing

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37) Moreover, of the examples I have examined, three provide clear evidence of the use of parody, travesty or persiflage.
Bramble's patronizing persiflage regarding Lydia's temperament and education is no more than a mixture of "laughter and denial.
He took the equality clause that so excited Jaffa as little more than persiflage.
It's overstating to call it persiflage because it isn't that.
In the course of my active, vigorous, long and happy lifetime, a number of human females, several of whom were perspicacious and not given to persiflage, have commented on my marriageable qualifications, either pre- or post-nuptial.
Yet the persiflage of Weber and his romantic style of practising neurology is viscious and hostile.
The indignation at infringements is followed by pliability and persiflage.
Albee, who quips that he's survived five decades in the theatre on "pure orneriness," is a notoriously devious interviewee who can deflect his interrogator's queries with Pirandellian persiflage or the timing of a seasoned vaudevillian.
He is young enough at heart to pretend to protest, although what he knows well that what a man of his age needs is less love than the persiflage of love.
verfasst wurden (Bowie 57), mussten die Leser der Satyrica die beiden Texte, die als die altesten des Gattungstyps gelten, sehr schnell kennengelernt haben, um Petrons Persiflage goutieren zu konnen.
Halls E+G will once again host the "Vienna Festival Weeks" ("Wiener Festwochen") starting in May; in April "Forbidden Ronacher" will be center stage at Hall E with its fresh musical persiflage.
In fact she seems to overanalyze the Greek material and be less clear; her ideas are often full of paradigmatic obfuscation and laborious persiflage.
Our firefighting leader sprayed his response with verbose persiflage thus: "My thesaurus defines confidence as ' belief, trust, reliance, faith, dependence.
Die skynbaar ironiese, onverskillige kyk op die dood, 'n persiflage, kom ook in ander Breytenbach-tekste voor, byvoorbeeld: "my ooms sterf soos kapok in die son" (Die ysterkoei, p.
No teaching certificate, no education classes, no pedagogical persiflage of any kind.