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quietly and steadily persevering especially in detail or exactness


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I propped my eyelids open with my two forefingers, and looked perseveringly at her as she sat at work; at the little bit of wax-candle she kept for her thread - how old it looked, being so wrinkled in all directions
We might put it--' began the Wise Man perseveringly.
She was by that time perseveringly dictating to Caddy, and Caddy was fast relapsing into the inky condition in which we had found her.
But Julia looked down most perseveringly, and screamed still louder; so Mr Wititterly rang the bell, and danced in a frenzied manner round the sofa on which Mrs Wititterly lay; uttering perpetual cries for Sir Tumley Snuffim, and never once leaving off to ask for any explanation of the scene before him.
I once, however, saw in a hot-house in Shropshire a large female wasp caught in the irregular web of a quite small spider; and this spider, instead of cutting the web, most perseveringly continued to entangle the body, and especially the wings, of its prey.
But it must be emphasized that they will be attained only if Nigerian political leaders possess and hold, respectively, certain attributes and attitudes of mind; and guide and lead the entire masses of their people to cultivate, or at least to strive perseveringly to cultivate them.
insinuate & inculcate it softly but steadily, through the medium of writing and conversation; associate others in your labors, and when the phalanx is formed, bring on and press the proposition perseveringly until its accomplishment.
The pioneering and excellent work that he and his esteemed professors selflessly and perseveringly devoted to the research work on Capillariasis speaks well of UP College of Medicine's high quality of education in upholding the sanctity, dignity and respect for life.
And never had Jack been more perseveringly rivalled in the race than this pleasant hour in the decline of the afternoon.
Further, The vocation you have patiently and perseveringly pursued in the peripheries has truly been serving the faith that does justice and ecological stewardship.
Keep it in view, turn not aside to right or left, but steadily and perseveringly press forward in every prudent and justifiably measure and we can scarce fail of obtaining our most sanguine wishes.
A few components of the legislature, media, liberal and political best, going about as virtual fifth reporters, perseveringly assaulted them.