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Synonyms for persevering

quietly and steadily persevering especially in detail or exactness


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And this she attributed to a want of sufficient firmness, and diligent, persevering care on my part.
At half-time we knew we had to keep going and persevering, and thankfully we managed to get some good goals in the end.
Sharing with you this beautiful prayer: 'Lord Jesus, please grant me a persevering mind and an unbreakable heart, so that even in adversity and trials, I may learn to accept Your will, and embrace life as a celebration, with all its setbacks, disappointments and misfortunes.
So it's worth persevering with a nutritious food such as broccoli.
Lisa Marie's latest book shows readers the 5 Rules to Persevering In Your Life.
Anglers venturing out at present deserve credit for persevering.
Western Chinese Name Name Translation Coke Ke Kou Tasty Fun Ke Le Nike Nai Ke Enduring and Persevering BMW Bao Ma Precious Horse Colgate Gao Lu Revealing Jie Superior Cleanliness Snickers Shi Li Honorary Jia Powerful Support
I have met with Egyptian Prime Minister Kamal al-Ganzuri (in Cairo), and called for protecting and persevering the security of the gas pipeline to ensure there is no disruption to the supplies, in line with agreements between the two countries," Alaa Batayneh said.
In this instance, the entertaining thought must have been: "Well you may not be enjoying this much but you're better than them and if you keep persevering you may just prove it
A persevering faith in God gives us victory over our spiritual afflictions s and physical weakness.
As time goes by, UNIFIL is proving its important role in persevering stability," Prodi told the French weekly Le Figaro.
At tea, Kent were 235 for two but persevering Hampshire broke through soon after when Warne had Matthew Walker snared at short leg.
But we kept persevering and doing the simple things which finally paid off with a first class goal.
While Bonami's particular approach to reform may have failed to convince, organizers say they are persevering with attempts to reconceive the 110-year-old event, starting with the welcome choice, for the first time, of two female directors--Spaniards Maria de Corral and Rosa Martinez.
Part of the notion of persevering is the notion that, if you can't do anything about it, you don't do anything about it,'' Okui said.