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psychology: repeat a response after the cessation of the original stimulus

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Using perseverative interests to elicit joint attention behaviors in young children with autism: Theoretical and clinical implications for understanding motivation.
The ODD group exhibited significantly lower scores in both Stroop Color-Word Tests, the backwards digital span of the WISC, and the categories completed and perseverative responses of the WCST compared with the control group.
Specifically, participants showed a high index of perseverative errors (PE) (31.
Both the perseverative topics and resistance to change were often linked to particular emotions that Gail did not know how to express directly.
For this analysis, the following outcomes were selected: (a) scores in Similarities, Motor Series, Sensitivity to Interference, Go No Go, and Lexical Fluency subtests from FAB; (b) number of failure to maintain set, non-perseverative errors, trials to complete first category, perseverative responses, categories completed, total of errors, and percentage of conceptual responses from WCST; (c) CW execution time in the Stroop; (d) execution time in the CTT2; and (e) number of action verbs in the Action Fluency Test.
Writing errors on paragraph level included paragraph agraphia and perseverative writing.
In order to help Jordan develop more typical age-level thinking and behaviors, which would help reduce his tantrum, I and the other adults in his life needed to help him to continue to become more flexible, see situations from other people's viewpoints, follow directions, concentrate on tasks, speak at a reasonable volume, be reflective and thoughtful, and be less reactive, perseverative, and anxious.
The WCST enables one to separate out the motor and attentional components of impulsivity, and these subtypes of impulsivity can be distinguished on the basis of WCST perseverative errors (Bechara et al.
26) As is usual with this test, we reported the number of categories completed and the percentage of perseverative errors.
Regressive assimilation (in which a segment infuences the sound of a later one) is also known as perseverative assimilation.
One study revealed that cocaine users with higher levels of violence and antisocial traits committed fewer perseverative errors in the Wisconsin card sorting test than those who were less violent (Rosse, Miller, & Deutsch, 1993).
Cardiovascular disease and psychiatric comorbidity: the potential role of perseverative cognition.
Perseverative thought: A robust predictor of response to emotional challenge in generalized anxiety disorder and major depressive disorder.