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Synonyms for perseveration

the tendency for a memory or idea to persist or recur without any apparent stimulus for it

the act of persisting or persevering

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By hospital Day 6, catatonia is suspected due to a MMSE of 6/30 and a BushFrancis Catatonia Rating Scale (BFCRS) score of 14 for predominant stereotypy, perseveration, and withdrawal (Table 1, page 44).
In addition to calling for the perseveration of the earth which he described as a factory of life, Symington urged Nigerians to improve the earth and not deplete it.
(9-12) Originally applied to the perseveration of blood samples for forensics tests, collection of materials for genotypic analysis of microorganisms, plants, and molecular epidemiologic studies, (13-19) the cards have also been used to store gynecologic and nongynecologic cytology specimens for various molecular analyses.
For example, she says, a phenomenon known as perseveration causes some people with dementia to repeatedly experience the same thought.
'My department has carried out many important excavations, removed encroachments from the heritage sites and is trying to create public awareness on protection, perseveration and importance of old structures.
Catatonia, which is generally seen in severe psychiatric diseases, is a syndrome characterized by mutism, immobility, negativism, stereotype, mannerism, echo phenomena, perseveration, and passive obedience (1, 2).
Disorganization and perseveration, along with auditory and somesthetic hallucinations, improved with neuroleptics.
Never Rarely Sometimes Often Always Managing agitation [??] [??] [??] [??] [??] Managing perseveration [??] [??] [??] [??] [??] Managing impulsivity [??] [??] [??] [??] [??] Other (please specify) [??] [??] [??] [??] [??] If you have experience working towards other behavioral goals, please specify.
Equally, the development and implementation of redundant data storage systems has made the storage of electronic data very robust, bringing to the Enterprise World and Government Entities alike the assurance of data perseveration and integrity.
The only reason he really has a secondary diagnosis is due to the extreme level of perseveration he will sometimes go to, an intensity which transcends his primary diagnosis.
Additional evidence for this hypothesis comes from observations that selective ablation of prefrontal noradrenergic fibers promotes perseveration and behavioral rigidity [7, 8], hallmarks of ADHD which are alleviated by inhibitors of NE reuptake [8].
(5) Speech disorders--language dysfunctions, including reduction of verbal output or mutism, echolalia (usually with echopraxia), mumbling, or perseveration, happen in more than 70% of patients with anti-NMDAR encephalitis [2, 5].
It involved personality changes, perseveration in behaviors and speech, impulsive financial behaviors (e.g., spending over $10,000 on clothes in one week), paranoia, psychosis, and aggressive outbursts.
Varied duration of congenital hypothyroidism potentiates perseveration in a response alternation discrimination task.