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Synonyms for perquisite

Synonyms for perquisite

a material favor or gift, usually money, given in return for service

a privilege granted a person, as by virtue of birth

Synonyms for perquisite

an incidental benefit awarded for certain types of employment (especially if it is regarded as a right)

a right reserved exclusively by a particular person or group (especially a hereditary or official right)

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Under the new tax rules, the non- cash perquisites will be added to the employees' salary and tax will be deducted according to the applicable rate.
To learn more about these and other findings or to receive a complete copy of Equilar's 2007 CEO Benefits & Perquisites Report, please call 1-877-441-6090 or visit http://www.
CEOs, with personal usage of corporate aircraft the most prevalent perquisite among CEOs in the S&P 500 (see chart).
In case of furnished accommodation, the value of the housing benefit is first calculated according to perquisite valuation rules and then 10 per cent of the actual cost of furniture owned and provided by the employer, or in case of hired furniture, actual charges paid by the employer is added to it," says Kuldip Kumar of PwC India.
Noting that "the results of the present research could find applications in different military and non-military industries, novel energies production and generation of electric energy in fuel cells", she stated, "The perquisite infrastructures for introduction of the technology based on this study are available in Iran so it would be considered as a practical long-term plan.
Not only are the media scrutinizing salaries and bonuses, they are also bringing attention to a little-known perquisite called the "tax gross-up," which is the tax payment for a given perquisite, such as air travel.
For example, hospital systems commonly reported that they provide for payment of automobile-related expenses as a perquisite to executives.
Of course, members of the political class such as Lula are protected by heavily armed security personnel, a perquisite none of them has been willing to surrender.
As a columnist for a small weekly, I understand editors exercise their perquisite to write the headline on a piece.
It is a perquisite of power that they are able to sign a paper to cause another person's death.
A perquisite of my position with the Journal (here I claim) is to call Dealer's Choice once in a while and review a book not necessarily within the bounds of our relevant interests as usually defined.
Therefore, the IRS must carry the burden in showing the perquisite omission of income, to rely on the 25% six-year rule.
She is dressed in an inexpensive but stylish outfit, impeccably coordinated gloves, hat, shoes, and matching purse--the sole perquisite of her husband's hand-to-mouth pattern-cutting job in the ladies garment industry.