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Synonyms for perpetuation

the act of prolonging something

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My journey down the road to understanding why agencies are so difficult to perpetuate began with excessive optimism and the idea that perpetuation was a financial issue.
I've done my bit for the perpetuation of the human race (and very nice it was too, since you ask), but then I never did like junk grub.
"Knowledge perpetuation" extends these practices to include not only the preservation of knowledge, but also the curation of its evolution.
Such visits are a perpetuation of deep-rooted traditions in Bahrain and their importance should be instilled in the younger generations, he added.
1765, which consolidated six other antidynasty bills, defined political dynasty as 'the concentration, consolidation, or perpetuation of public office and political power by persons related to one another.'
Zardari said that the Party will never allow the perpetuation of discrimination against women or their exploitation in the name of ideology.
Zardari said that the Party would never allow the perpetuation of discrimination against women or their exploitation in the name of ideology, said a press release.
He explained that the perpetuation of the alleged fraud and the non-inauguration of the SITF board had thrown the agency into a state of confusion and left it dead to its responsibilities to the general public.
Their values and the way they conduct business are both similar to our own, and we're excited to serve as the perpetuation partner for both agencies.'
The Minister wished the American people perpetuation of progress and prosperity and that he would look forward to working side by side with the American government during the coming period within framework of constructive connection between the two countries to enhance bilateral relations and achieve the common high interests of Sudanaese and American peoples.
He analyzes the Northwest Ordinance and the Constitutional Convention of 1787 and their historical context, to show how land profits were the cause of this perpetuation of slavery and theft of Native land.
And more than half of them--51.6%--said they did not have a set perpetuation plan for their agency.
Adeeb said in a press statement that "our commitment to the perpetuation of the Iraqi-Turkish relations and not to push to the negative direction makes us linger to take action concerning getting the troops out from our territory." He added: "The aim of the Turkish government to keep its military forces in Iraq is suspicious especially it announced its position through the Turkish political discourse that demonstrates the intention of Turkey provoking sedition in the province of Nineveh, when it said that Mosul for Sunnis (Turkmen, Kurds, and Arabs) and this confirms its intervention in who will live in Mosul after the liberation.
Hariri praised the strong Saudi-Lebanese relations, saying "The Kingdom is keen on supporting and assisting all Lebanese without exception, so that Lebanon can overcome its crises and internal problems and preserve its security and stability." He added: "The relations between the two countries will not be affected by the attempts of some parties to undermine the role of the Kingdom and distort its image for known regional interests, because the majority of the Lebanese are committed to the perpetuation of these relations, which are in the interest of both countries and peoples."