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Synonyms for perpetuate

Synonyms for perpetuate

to cause to last endlessly

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cause to continue or prevail

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(5) Instead of perpetuating them, we should do everything we can to eliminate these pernicious habits.
He said that Africa is fast becoming an "epicentre" of Christianity, but there is growing concern about churches that only concern themselves with individual needs, perpetuating "an extreme form of individualism" in the life of the church.
Just as the boycott of Schools of Architecture during the Apartheid years in South Africa, reluctant though it was, eventually added to the pressure that brought about the downfall of apartheid, so Israeli architects should examine their role in perpetuating the injustices of the Occupation.
Many of us on the editorial board have worked with him closely throughout that period of time and are committed to preserving and perpetuating his vision for the journal.
What possible justification can there be for funding and thus perpetuating the criminal conduct that keeps the National Insurance Crime Bureau in business?
Although President Nixon began his first term by perpetuating the Keynesian policies of his predecessors, his renunciation of the gold standard and the introduction of floating currencies set into motion a new world of international finance which has grown enormously over the last thirty years.
Between the mutually perpetuating fanaticisms of the suicide bombers and the militant Israeli right, Jacir hollows a tentative aesthetic space in which it's possible to sense, without feeling obliged to make excuses for the savagery of either side, the bitterness of exile.
Worse, young people coming to terms with their sexual identity and the cruel taunts of classmates did not need the church perpetuating gays' self-loathing or giving bashers a religious rationale for violence.
Many years ago a very wise person said that when seeking the answer to a situation, "follow the money." Those who suggest that more rime in school is important whether it is a longer school day, a longer school year, or a longer summer are perpetuating a hoax.
ITEM: Saying "mental health insurance parity is long overdue," the Tallahassee Times-Democratfor May 2nd accused the insurance industry of perpetuating "second-class treatment for people suffering from mental disorders." Sure, the Florida paper admitted, "mental health parity would cost more." But it dismissed one estimate of $23 billion in additional annual costs: "Employers and employees would recoup at least that much, probably much more, as affordable mental health coverage significantly reduces lost work time."
But anyone who examines the 2002 budget will notice that the current administration doesn't intend to deliver on that promise, thus perpetuating the striking gap between the two education systems.
The court held that an issue of fact existed as to whether jail officials were personally involved in creating and perpetuating the conditions.
Summers says Treasury has no quarrel with the desire of companies to minimize their tax burden by legitimate means, he is perpetuating an environment of uncertainty where corporations could be penalized retroactively for practices which formerly were legitimate.
Educational institutions, therefore, are not only a microcosm of society, but play an active role in perpetuating prevailing hegemonic societal attitudes through a socialization process.
There are further misguided assumptions perpetuating unrealistic expectations of PPS.