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Synonyms for perpetuate

Synonyms for perpetuate

to cause to last endlessly

Words related to perpetuate

cause to continue or prevail

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The most prestigious award given by Rubber Division, ACS, was established in 1941 to perpetuate the memory of Charles Goodyear as the discoverer of the vulcanization of rubber, by honoring individuals for outstanding invention, innovation or development which has resulted in a significant change or contribution to the nature of the rubber industry.
JOHN Payton (Letters, January 29) perpetuates the myth that the British empire was entirely bad and that its wealth came from exploiting the poorest people in the world.
Problem perpetuated Graham Smith (yesterday's Chatroom) needs to understand that carrying on because that's the way it is just perpetuates the problem regarding prize-money.
Their premise is that hiding the horrors, and the concomitant subversion of our antidotal aversion, perpetuates the war and its cause.
These systems are self-organizing; they involve a dynamic process that creates and perpetuates a dynamic pattern and vice versa (Lewin 1992)
The Humanist community shouldn't be detracting from the problem at hand by participating in the charter school movement that instead produces poor academic results, perpetuates the stratification of society, advances a parochial educational atmosphere, and reduces public education funding.
But 19th-century US southern literature glorifies the South and perpetuates positive images of slavery.
But overall, the presentation lacks sophistication and perpetuates the notion of environmentalism as a fringe subculture, while alienating the mainstream.
This monument, dedicated on November 19, 1992, perpetuates the memory of police officers who gave their lives while serving the citizens of Houston.
Yet one can see how the tool perpetuates the condition, making the breath increasingly weaker as well as diminishing the capacity to release the pain and breathe in new joy.
This statistic, based on skewed studies of kids already in counseling, only perpetuates the myth that we're unbalanced, desperate for attention, and just a little overdramatic.
Acknowledging that the death penalty can be "well-founded," he stresses that the execution of someone who deserves it perpetuates and feeds into a society that accepts the death penalty, not only for the unborn and aged, but now the handicapped, according to Peter Singer.
Reporting misinformation about the white population, Patterson warns, is divisive and perpetuates the "stigmatization of those Americans who will never be 'white.
But right here in Santa Clarita, an attempt to instill fear into members of the gay community perpetuates itself even today.
No rigorous evidence is yet in hand to support the theory that the same population of vector ticks perpetuates different European spirochetal genospecies differentially in particular kinds of reservoir hosts.