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Synonyms for perpetuate

Synonyms for perpetuate

to cause to last endlessly

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cause to continue or prevail

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In her piece she generally laments culturally perpetuated generalizations.
Carnes posits that all but the highest fraternal rituals further perpetuated a gendered bifurcation of society, constructing male identities that were predicated upon men's alienation from both women in the household and from religious spheres that also carried the taint of femaleness in Victorian culture.
The cult of virginity that is created and perpetuated by abstinence-only education actually increases unsafe sex.
This myth is perpetuated by insiders who justify sneaking out for a day of fun in the sun.
The emergence of a disease requires two steps: introduction into the human population and perpetuated transmission.
The majority of the battle honours perpetuated by the defunct Canadian Parachute Regiment had been handed down from the SSF to that unit (the remainder came from the 1st Canadian Parachute Battalion).
Moroccan Barbie, a belly-dancer, "merely perpetuated Middle Eastern stereotypes," Saadeh says.
He believes that by bringing Christ back to life, he can remove the stain of the Crucifixion (perpetuated by Jews) from the collective memories of all Christians.
These cliches are perpetuated by the American entertainment establishment and sometimes encouraged by our peers.
Unwilling to address the deeper issue of abuse of power by bishops that fostered and perpetuated the sex scandals, they see in gays a convenient scapegoat.
To be sure, it's in Golkin's best interest that the story get some press, since he is launching a crusade against what he calls a "fraudulent system" that the city perpetuated for decades.
Tamar and Martha Hennessy, Day's daughter and granddaughter, wrote to Salon, "[Dorothy's] life's work was dedicated to picking up the pieces of human wreckage, the result of policies that continue to be perpetuated by the Bush administration.
Fifty years after the NAACP succeeded in driving the TV version of Amos `n' Andy off the air because it perpetuated racial stereotypes, African Americans enjoy unprecedented visibility on television.
Jonsson (in a submitted paper) who reveals the racism embedded and perpetuated in Western societies, even in Christian personal piety.
British duo James White and Tim Sheward "embrace the delusion perpetuated by the worship of false icons." In their ongoing project of simultaneously critiquing and reveling in manufactured pleasure, White and Sheward have poked fun at brand-name consumerism--the "worship" of products like the Nike and Adidas sneakers and workout clothes worn by the almost life-size bendable figures in the 1997 installation Plastic Picnic.