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Synonyms for perpetuate

Synonyms for perpetuate

to cause to last endlessly

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cause to continue or prevail

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To preserve and perpetuate it was the great object of the people in forming that convention, and it is also the great object of the plan which the convention has advised them to adopt.
Still I wish they were not there, and I hope the time will come when the beast-man will be so far subdued and tamed in us that the memory of him in literature shall be left to perish; that what is lewd and ribald in the great poets shall be kept out of such editions as are meant for general reading, and that the pedant-pride which now perpetuates it as an essential part of those poets shall no longer have its way.
Laura Schlessinger a lucrative offer to host her own daytime TV show, there was little doubt that she would use this new platform to perpetuate her use of "advice" as a weapon to attack gay and lesbian people, whose lives she dismissed as "deviant" and the result of a "biological error." Long before the September II, 2000, debut of the syndicated Dr.
The heart of my work, and of others who are implementing an ethical practice with regards to diversity, is to assist individuals in looking at how they have been taught to perpetuate systems in our society that discriminate based on race, gender, sexual orientation, and class and to learn how to take action to eliminate all "isms." Is it wrong for us as a society to work toward the elimination of racism, sexism, or classism?
Without deliberate decisions by policy-makers - some made so quietly and so far down the chain of accountability that most citizens didn't even realize they were official decisions - the peculiar relations between women and men necessary to perpetuate the Cold War might have crumbled long before 1989.
The most prestigious award given by Rubber Division, ACS was established in 1941 to perpetuate the memory of Charles Goodyear as the discoverer of the vulcanization of rubber, by honoring individuals for outstanding invention, innovation or development, which has resulted in a significant change or contribution to the nature of the rubber industry.
government has helped perpetuate this Sisyphean cycle by intervening twice to spare Yasser Arafat -- once in 1982, and again in April.
Using the term in such a context regrettably serves to perpetuate public misconception about this mental disorder and violence.
"We have sometimes failed to recognize how the Bible has been used by some to perpetuate prejudice and to justify violence against homosexual persons," Sherry wrote to UCC's 1.4-million members.
Each time Clinton suggests the need to "phase in" some urgently needed Federal program because total financing is beyond reach at this time, he should be forcefully reminded of the Administration's determination to perpetuate the Pentagon's profligacy.
Further economic and political entanglement, via the WTO, will only perpetuate the tragedy of Chinese Communism.
Dot-coms helped perpetuate the demand frenzy for a while, but did limited damage to the fourth quarter 2000 market, since old economy companies were ready to step in and take dot-com sublet space with improvements such as cyber cafes, fiber and furniture in place.
Through this tale of endless conflict and disastrous consequences, Troyano's politically incorrect critique of Latin culture emerges: These boys are the not-so-innocent victims of the homophobic macho culture they perpetuate. It's a powerful message few gay films tackle.
The award, established in 1941 to perpetuate the memory of Charles Goodyear, discoverer of vulcanization, honors individuals for outstanding invention, innovation or development which has resulted in a significant change in, or contribution to, the rubber industry.
Recent studies have questioned and the belief that, in most cases, welfare programs help to perpetuate pverty (sn:3/17/84, p.169).