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Synonyms for perpetuate

Synonyms for perpetuate

to cause to last endlessly

Words related to perpetuate

cause to continue or prevail

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Univariate analysis of variance revealed that all part scores were significant at the .001 level, except for perpetuance which was significant at the .046 level.
In Ophuls' world, so often set at the turn of the century, whether in Paris or Vienna, the social codes all favour the perpetuance of a patriarchal society in which masculinity and the military are virtually synonymous.
To convert the business man into a profiteer is to strike a blow at capitalism, because it destroys the psychological equilibrium which permits the perpetuance of unequal rewards.
I am persuaded that the transformation of religion, which is essential for its perpetuance, can be accomplished only by carrying the qualities of flexibility, perceptiveness, and judgment, which are the best fruits of letters, to whole classes of the community which now know next to nothing of them, and by procuring the application of those qualities to matters where they are never applied now.
The responsibility thus assumed includes safeguarding of resources for the perpetuance of life on Earth.