perpetual motion

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motion that continues indefinitely without any external source of energy

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Based in Chicago, IL with employees in Arizona and Florida, Perpetual Motion Fitness Corporation (PMFC) was founded in 2009 and is dedicated to personalized, interactive health, wellness and fitness programs that are made accessible through technology and the internet.
A son of Diesis, Perfect Casting has been found a suitable opportunity to follow-up, despite the claims on David Wachman's Flamingo Guitar, impressive Listowel winner Dawla and course and distance winner Perpetual Motion.
The waters shimmer and gleam like gold as nature begins her perpetual motion.
Little did Jools realise as he explained over another pint his as-yet unrealised money-spinning idea for perpetual motion, a masterplan conceived from the days of TV's Tomorrow's World, that Neill had come from Draperstown, County Derry back in the 80s to study engineering at Liverpool University.
The Peacemaker'' is an impressive perpetual motion machine.
Brown, who watched the perpetual motion of Italy beat England at Wembley on Wednesday night, said: "The Italians have some exceptional players, of course, but we really have to show more movement and pace.
Another few dozen seem in perpetual motion on the perimeter of the floor and on the balcony: moving lights, attaching light and sound cables, climbing ladders, carting portions of sets and assorted heavy equipment.
com)-- Perpetual Motion Fitness Corporation (PMFC) will be exhibiting its online fitness service, inerTRAIN, in the mVDEMO area at midVenturesLAUNCH (http://midventureslaunch.
Midfielder Mauricio Cienfuegos, he of perpetual motion, did stomach crunches at midfield as part of his cool-down.
See pages 54 to 61 for "The Nureyev Industry," a chapter from the new Nureyev biography, Perpetual Motion, by Otis Stuart.
Perpetual Motion, a 13-year-old mare owned by his father Martyn, did as her name suggests, jumping clear in a time that was going to be hard to beat.
Pennie couldn't resist a dig at The Horrors for their no-show but for the most part he was content to stalk the stage, transfixing the audience with his perpetual motion and rapid-fire shrieks.
Insurance giant Allianz wanted to transform the Perpetual Motion sculpture in Co Kildare for the duration of the tournament at the K Club.
The open ocean is a world of perpetual motion, a realm with no visible boundaries and no place to hide.
Dado Prso was perpetual motion and I feel sorry for the players that we didn't get three points.
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