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Synonyms for perpetrate

Synonyms for perpetrate

to be responsible for or guilty of (an error or crime)

Synonyms for perpetrate

perform an act, usually with a negative connotation


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I looked at the once lively, rattlepated, humorous little doctor-- associated in my remembrance with the perpetration of incorrigible social indiscretions and innumerable boyish jokes--and I saw nothing left of his former self, but the old tendency to vulgar smartness in his dress.
While I was still looking at her, while my last words to her faltered on my lips, the horrible facilities for the perpetration of the double crime revealed themselves enticingly to my view.
He knew him well enough from the description of those who had seen him and from the glimpses he had had of the marauder upon several occasions when the ape-man had entered the village of Mbonga, the chief, by night, in the perpetration of one of his numerous ghastly jokes.
He put the questions--sharp, suspicious, unbelieving questions, which clearly showed me, as they proceeded, that he thought I was the victim of a delusion, and that he might even have doubted, but for my introduction to him by Miss Halcombe, whether I was not attempting the perpetration of a cunningly-designed fraud.
It was his conviction that this eclipse of reason and failure of will power attacked a man like a disease, developed gradually and reached its highest point just before the perpetration of the crime, continued with equal violence at the moment of the crime and for longer or shorter time after, according to the individual case, and then passed off like any other disease.
From this view of things, then, comes the axiom that if you visit to discover the author of any bad action, seek first to discover the person to whom the perpetration of that bad action could be in any way advantageous.
I am now awaiting," continued he, looking toward the door of our apartment - "I am now awaiting a person who, although perhaps not the perpetrator of these butcheries, must have been in some measure implicated in their perpetration.
Koang added that the SPLA is committed to the cessation of hostilities agreement and other provisions aimed at restoring of peace and stability in the country, calling peace monitors to investigate the truce violations and hold perpetrations accountable.
Representatives of industrial, trade and food sectors, who attended the meeting, spoke about their institutions' plans and perpetrations for the month of fasting, highlighting the availability of sufficient staples in the market to meet the needs of consumers.
His stories feel like perpetrations of stereotypes rather than humorous.
The data were segregated by sex to detect the influence of gender on perpetrations of NCS and the factors associated with it.
The methods used by security forces "opened the door to perpetrations of huge violations of human rights, which included deprivation of life and torture," the Wall Street Journal quoted Egyptian human rights lawyer and report head Cherif Bassiouni, as saying.
Libya wasted four decades under him, and we wasted years searching for his fingerprints and reporting his perpetrations.
The friendly in February is part of Egypt's perpetrations for the rest of their 2012 African Cup of Nations qualifiers.
The source said the aggression on defenseless activists carrying food, medicine and other life necessities to the victims of the deadly siege on Gaza is an act that must not be kept silent over as with previous Israeli crimes which led to Israel going too far in its defiance and perpetrations.