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Synonyms for peroxide

a viscous liquid with strong oxidizing properties

an inorganic compound containing the divalent ion -O-O-

bleach with peroxide

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Keywords: Sunflower oil, hexanal, malonaldehyde, peroxide value, oxidative stability.
Peroxide value of the chicken fat produced through various rendering methods.
Equivalence between peroxide value (from Schaal's test) and time at room temperature has been established (SIRIWARDHANA et al.
Table II shows that g radiation at 0, 3, 7 kGy did not cause significant changes in pH values but there was an increase in TBA and peroxide values after 3 and 7 kGy of irradiation.
Peroxide value of branded oil samples when stored in dark are found in the range of 3.
Samples of radish seed oil (control) and radish seed oil with different density of TBHQ, RE and their compound were heated in incubator to a temperature of (60+-1) degC continuously for whole day and for 28days, which was used to determine acid value, peroxide value, sulforaphene content and tocopherol composition of samples and evaluate oil stability.
The peroxide value was not used as a success criterion as no limit has been established for this value; however, this was tracked and was reviewed as it indicates fuel oxidation.
The peroxide value is used for identifying the onset of oxidative change in fats and oils, during which the oxygen molecules penetrates the fat molecules in the form of peroxide group which eventually affect odor, flavor and quality.
Peroxide value (PV) expressed as mille-equivalents of active oxygen per kilogram of oil (meq [O.
Other researchers' analysis of sunflower oil and other oil methyl esters shows similar changes in the peroxide value [6, 11].
The peroxide value (PV) represents the quantity of peroxide in the sample; acid value (AV) represents the present free acids; and iodine value (IV) is a measure of total number of double bonds in the sample.
Primary and secondary oxidation products are typically measured as Peroxide value (PV) and Anisidine value (AV), respectively, with the AV representing the level of non-volatile aldehydes in the fat.
One was a flaxseed oil supplement found to have a peroxide value of 68 meq/kg.
The initial peroxide value of the biodiesel at the ambient temperature was determined to be 0.