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Synonyms for peroxide

a viscous liquid with strong oxidizing properties

an inorganic compound containing the divalent ion -O-O-

bleach with peroxide

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The content of peroxide value in 'Nechara' and 'Ryasebibena' cultivars had the highest (23.
Each sample was analyzed in triplicate and peroxide value is expressed as milliequivalents of [O.
In the high-temperature oxidation test, the conductivity and peroxide values (PV) of the biodiesel were measured weekly to characterize the oxidation of the biodiesel, using a method adapted from the American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS) Official Method CD 8-53.
Peroxide value (Figure 5) was measured to indicate product oxidative rancidity.
This shows that the 2nd extraction method used is very good because of the peroxide value obtained in fish oil IFOMA kite still meet the standards.
Peroxide value of sunflower oil after 5hrs of heat induced oxidation with and without T.
Crucially Opti3 Omega 3 Capsules were also found to have a much lower peroxide value compared to fish oil capsules which is a key indicator for oil quality and its overall stability.
The peroxide value was determined according to the AOAC (1999), with some modifications.
The peroxide value for the unreacted EL, as received from the supplier, was determined to be 4 mmol/mol EL.
Table I: Oxidative stability of 18/12 fish oil samples during storage at room temperature expressed as peroxide value (a) and thiobarbituric acid reactive substances (b).
Nordic Naturals products were analyzed and shown to have the highest ranking values of all brands tested in 3 areas: freshness as measured by peroxide value, purity based on PCB levels and concentration (EPA/DHA content).
The system can conduct simultaneous analysis of Multiple parameters, including free fatty acid content; iodine value; melting point; moisture content; saporification and peroxide value.
Shelf life was determined by measuring changes in color, peroxide value, moisture content, water activity, flavor components and the sensory quality of the samples.
Peroxide value (POV) was determined according to the method of the AOAC International [10], to ascertain lipid per-oxidation in the products.