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change the order or arrangement of

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It consists of a multiplier that computes the auxiliary input sequence, a permutation block that permute the input sequence in an appropriate order and two MUXs and a adder/ subtractor used to obtain the input sequences in the necessary form as shown in equation (10).
The general idea is to permute the discrete points in time, while leaving the sample values untouched.
We perform this contribution calculation step based on the MDA method, which permutes random variables to calculate the prediction accuracy of variables so that we are able to calculate the marginal contribution of each variable.
The 3D permutation is to permute planes at different directions in 3D spaces.
We permute the indices of X from 1, 2, 3, 4 to 1, 4, 2, 3 to achieve the matricization,
Use (5a) or (5b) to permute and diffuse the current pixel simultaneously.
The key step is to remove some inessential moves from the James-Peel tree for D(w), namely those which only permute rows or columns.
As each of dangling nodes and nondangling nodes corresponds to its particular row, one can permute the rows of H and then get P, whose rows corresponding to dangling nodes are all at the bottom:
They can however swap them under a government system called the permute;
Since most of the exercises are repeated in semitone intervals, there is adequate opportunity to permute through the basic vowel set /a/, /e/, /i/, /o/, /u/.
This means that we can essentially permute the set of numbers, and measure the success of the attacker by how successful they can be at guessing a specific number given a permuted number and some other defined data.
We can drag the chosen row to be the topmost row, and then permute the columns so that all the non-null entries in the topmost row are in the beginning of the row.
Figure 13 depicts the results obtained with wc, permute, grep, and gcc.
Calculate the mapping of image-dependent shuffle from the referenced image and referenced watermark (as described above), and, then, for each resolution level, permute reversely according to the mapping, and followed with reverse pseudo-random permutation.
If, instead, we were to permute the fully summed columns to the start of FA, further costly data movement would be required.