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Synonyms for permutation

Synonyms for permutation

the process or result of making or becoming different

Synonyms for permutation

an event in which one thing is substituted for another

the act of changing the arrangement of a given number of elements

complete change in character or condition

act of changing the lineal order of objects in a group

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Note that the first condition implies that the values [pi](0) through [pi](d - 1) determine the whole affine permutation.
A fixed chunk of [tau] bits selected from the result of each permutation, it could be: the first, the second, the third, .
r](Q) is a normal subgroup, then the equivalence relation induced by the orbits ofthe right-regular permutation group R([?
Among the permutation sequence JP(n)j, there do not exist the number which have the factor [2.
First, the difference between permutation tests and randomization tests should be clarified.
The notations used by bell-ringers and the corresponding permutations are given below.
A k-Stirlina permutation of size n is a permutation of the multiset {[1.
The above 5 permutations also apply to the 4-letter edge words of 8-letter pentagons (see Pentagons above).
There is a simpler, one-row notation for a special kind of permutation called cycle.
An occurrence of a pattern p in a permutation [pi] is a subsequence of [pi] whose letters appear in the same relative order of size as those in p.
He begins by providing a foundation in quasigroups and loops, multiplication groups and central quasigroups, moving to homogeneous spaces, permutation representations, character tables, combinational character theory, schemes and superschemes, permutation characters, modules, and applications of module theory, closing with a description of analytical character theory, providing exercises and problems for each topic.
In an ABAB-rhymed, end-to-end-palindromic quatrain, for example, if the lines of the original verse are numbered 1234, then its rhyme--and palindromicity-preserving line-order permutation set is 1234, 2143, 3412, 4321.
Chuang and his coworkers tackled a four-room version of the permutation problem.
Each network service provider presents a different combination and permutation of the myriad options and capabilities that can be supported over a SIP interface," said Jerry Knight, Chief Technology Officer for AccessLine.
This definition uses the number of cycles of it and that of its product with the circular permutation (1,2, .