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A certain degree of lexicalisation in maxi- and mini-cappotto is partly responsible for constraints in permutability (more in [section] 3.
This book is aimed at graduate students and senior researchers interested in the study of products and permutability of finite groups.
To conclude: Discusion has the density, the rich permutability, of certain cycles of poems, where each word takes on an extraordinary gravitation, what we have here of course being a "poetry" at the intersection of many fragments of poetry and non-poetry, of many textual activities.
Several hypotheses were proposed to explain centromere permutability or repositioning within a chromosome.
An interesting, if perhaps irrelevant, aspect of solutions to this puzzle has to do with their relative degrees of permutability.
Undaunted by digital content's permutability, Columbia University Press has published The Columbia Guide to Digital Publishing, which doesn't limit its ambitions to supplying a starting point for discussion.
Unlike Wenk, who believes that Debussy's musical setting is "an attempt to sort out the various phases and clauses that complicates ["Soupir"'s] grammatical structure" (249), I believe that Debussy's setting tries to imitate the permutability of Mallarme's syntax.
The work seeks to follow the epistemological roads of the hysteria in order to let that the psychoanalytical structure does speak about the metaphor that has the being of the hysterical one: the permutability of significants.
L8) requires us to use multiset ordering, due to the permutability of the guards.
While a sense of permutability plagued Queen Elizabeth's reign (perhaps as much or more than it did that of James I as suggested by the evidence assembled by Eric Mallin), Jacobeans who remembered Tudor England generally imagined that they felt a turbulence after 1603 more pronounced than earlier sensations of instability.