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Synonyms for permit

Synonyms for permit

to neither forbid nor prevent

to afford an opportunity for

to give the means, ability, or opportunity to do

the approving of an action, especially when done by one in authority

proof of legal permission to do something

Synonyms for permit

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Production companies must secure film permits from the Entertainment Industry Development Corp.
This special permit marks an exception to the requirement that floor area generated by the area of a zoning lot may only be used on that particular zoning lot.
Your permit should be submitted two months prior to the due date," Hanz said, "to give the agency time to perform a preliminary review of the permit application and determine whether the application is complete, which makes you eligible for the permit shield.
The BOE also reminds businesses that seller's permits must be prominently displayed at their establishment, and encourages any unregistered businesses to contact the BOE and apply for a seller's permit immediately.
The system enables customers to fill applications, besides submitting layouts, documents, and all types of building permits to all concerned bodies online.
The number of concealed handgun permits is increasing at an ever-increasing rate.
5) Furthermore, practitioners representing various interest groups would likely engage in drafting comments on park agency rules regarding vehicle permits, challenge park agency permit rules and other actions in court, and represent parties in park agency enforcement proceedings.
Wenatchee School District, 337 Penny Road, Building C, Wenatchee; right-of-way permit for sewer work.
In Los Angeles 3,711 permits in the past four months are for single-family homes, 1.
While these issues may seem to be of secondary importance to engineers, obtaining permits is an essential step in moving a project from the design phase and into construction.
Its efforts, along with Wiley's one-man hunger strike--which eventually landed him an impromptu meeting with Governor Joe Manchin--finally led to success when the DEP revoked the permit for the second silo that was to be built beside the school.
This can cause delays in obtaining a permit if the operator's residential neighbors prove hostile to the idea of installing a crusher.
New emissions factors also could affect whether a source is "major" and therefore subject to the Title V air operating permit program, or they could alter the emission limitations under a Federally Enforceable State Operating Permit (FESOP).
Those who have needed a Clean Air Act Amendments Title V Operating Permit understand that the record keeping and reporting is a labor-intensive process.
A published summary of OSHA's impact analysis lists camps and other lodging places (SIC 70) as examples of permit spaces found elsewhere in industry.